Pedibus project: 1800 children to school on foot in the historic center

As part of the initiatives organized by the Municipality of Genoa for the European Week of Sustainable Mobility, on the morning of 22 September, the children went to school with the ‘pedibus’.

This was experienced by the primary school students of the Institute including the historic center and those from the Tollot childhood school who, following two different paths – the first from the Belvedere S. Francesco and the second from the Monumental Bridge in via XX Settembre – went to school walking together in the streets, hand in hand, accompanied by teachers and parents, in complete safety.

‘Pedibus’ means going to school on foot along predetermined routes indicated with special signs. The children, at a fixed time, were found at the stops with their parents and joined their schoolmates, until they reached the schools.

A kiss .. and “go” is the symbolic sign of this Pedibus 2022, positioned in one of the many routes of the city, equipped with the new signs for the stops and “kiss & go” points, which from today identify a new way of conceiving sustainable mobility and school. For children, walking to school with their friends is a great way to familiarize themselves, doing physical activity and learning how to behave on the street.

In total, about 1800 children were involved, among those in the initiative promoted by the IC Centro Storico and Convitto Nazionale Colombo (for a total of 10 schools and comprehensive institutes, Albaro, Quezzi, Centro Storico, Convitto Nazionale Colombo, Cornigliano, Voltri 1, S.Francesco da Paola, Molassana and Prato, Castelletto and Voltri) and those of the “Pedibus Project: 4 healthy steps” in collaboration with the Asl3.

The Healthcare Company has made available the specialists of the Prevention Department, together with those of the Family Counseling, to organize games and activities of “health education”, nutrition and correct posture, with the aim of teaching, through play , the importance and benefits of physical movement.

After having crossed the city on foot, the children were welcomed at the Luzzati Gardens and at the IC oratory in the historic center to start the educational activities of the ASL 3: they were offered themed games and had fun telling what they eat for breakfast, identifying healthy foods from less healthy ones; they tried to explain when to take the car to get around and when their legs can do it on their own.

The councilor for education policies Marta Brusoni, in a note, said: “A wonderful experience. We accompanied the children on foot together with their parents to the various kindergartens throughout the city, who I hope will participate in this initiative with greater enthusiasm, because walking on foot is good for everyone, our children and adults and is a time to get to know each other. and combine sociality and health “.

The project of the Municipality of Genoa proposes to the schools of the city the activation of home-school paths that take into account the characteristics of the territory and that facilitate the construction of educational paths, with the integration of physical activity in their neighborhood, health education and school learning.

The goal is to actively involve children, educating them and stimulating them to sustainable mobility; promote the autonomy of children in their daily movements and in the processes of socialization among peers; allow a harmonious psycho-physical development of the little ones and then share experiences, dissolve fears and concerns about the safety of children.

The European Week of Sustainable Mobility, which ended on 22 September, is an event promoted by the European Commission and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, which every year aims to raise awareness among citizens, public bodies and companies on the economic and environmental benefits associated with eco-sustainable mobility.

Pedibus project: 1800 children to school on foot in the historic center