The writing of The Republican Echo has selected twelve young personalities from Eure-et-Loir who have marked, in one way or another, 2022, through their professional activity, their sports performance, their commitment, their career… You were able to vote on, to elect, among them, the Eurélienne or the Eurélien of the year.

The Eurélienne of the year: Elora Michot

She could have withdrawn into herself and her illness, she could have given up on her dreams. But, no obstacle stops Elora Michot. At 22, this young woman suffers from Wolfram’s disease, a rare genetic disease which leads to symptoms such as blindness, hearing problems, diabetes…

His fight was the subject of the film Courage Syndrome. HASfter this amazing cinema experience, Elora has just achieved one of her goals: to open her solidarity pastry shop online. Having experienced long stays in hospital, the pastry chef regularly visits patients through an association and each order of cakes, on her site, allows the confection of pastries offered in the pediatric departments.

2nd: Lana Andrianarisoa (Chartres)

Lana Andrianarisoa, a student from Lycée Marceau, in Chartres, pulled off an incredible stunt: bring his idol, Nicola Sirkis, the yet very discreet leader of the legendary French group Indochine, to his school.

He did not come to a concert, but met students and spoke to them, with great simplicity and accessibility, about harassment. A scourge in the school environment that affected him and his brother when he was a schoolboy in the north of France, in a Jesuit boarding school. Lana sent him two videos on the theme of bullying at school to the Indochine group, the one that was made in high school and which received the academic award. And a personal one, which bears witness to what she has experienced. She invited him to her school and he accepted.

3rd: Louis Alexandre (Chartres)

blankAt 16, the high school student wrote and directed a film about school pressure and bullying. He presented it, in November, to the general public during a preview at the Children of Paradise in Chartres.

This cinema enthusiast knew how to surround himself with recognized actors in order to set up his project. He convinced the Departmental Council as well as the principal of his college or even the teachers to carry out his project and shoot in the Jean-Moulin college. Everyone highlighted his determination, his organization and his maturity. He now wants to show his film in schools to raise awareness among students about the dangers and consequences of bullying.

Personality – Elora Michot named Eurélienne of the year 2022