Pesaro, parents ask for checks on the Olivieri school. The Council rejects the motion

PESARO – The parents ask for clarity and checks on the Olivieri school after the earthquake, the councilor Marchionni presents an urgent motion but the Council rejects it.

«The Municipality tell us with certainty if this school is safe, we are worried about sending our children to class. Several parents are leaving them at home and there are those who are looking for other institutions», the families protest.

In the meantime, however, the assembly rejected the motion with the opposite vote of 17 councilors (7 in favor) with urgent character on the Manzi school signed by Marchionni, Gambini, Redaelli, Andreolli, Dallasta and Malandrino. With the document, the councilors asked to respond “to the requests for clarifications received in order to reassure all the people who live for different reasons the structure of Via Confalonieri, in particular the families of the children who frequent the building in question, also by producing the technical documentation held by the municipal administration»; “accelerate the further technical checks announced by the municipal administration so as to have the real picture of the situation in the shortest possible time”; «evaluate, on a provisional basis, the movement of the classes of the “Manzi Primary School” to another building suitable for hosting them, pending further technical investigations to be carried out, already hoped for in the Preliminary Evaluation of February 2022, which we hope will clarify a situation de facto better than what is described in the document cited above”.

Marchionni clarified in the Council: “We ask for the opportunity to evaluate it temporary movement of classes during the period waiting for the result of the new technical report commissioned: we would avoid alarmism and reassure families”.

The commissioner at Fare Pozzi: «In the last 10 months, I have followed, with great responsibility, the question of the Olivieri school in via Confalonieri. The state of apprehension of the parents, I believe, arises from a misunderstanding in the reconstruction of what happened in past years, when the Municipality managed to obtain important funding (Gse and Ministry) to build a new school. In the short time that the Administration had to design and build the building (and obtain funding), the lot in via Lamarmora was identified, which was urbanistically suitable. From that choice of location, which was not born to respond to a specific risk of Confalonieri, unfounded fears arose ».

The commissioner recalled how in those same months – and still today – «checks continue involving that and other schools to analyze the state of health of buildings. Precisely these studies (following that of the identification of the lot) have led to ascertain the unsafe state of old Manzi, a structure deemed unsuitable to host classes. A painful but necessary choice was made: the building was freed from classrooms. And as it was done at the time, we are ready to repeat it whenever similar conditions should recur, eventually, therefore, also for Olivieri. But this is not the case. When you make choices, you assume responsibility based on the information you have.”

«As mentioned at all meetings with parent representatives, with the head teacher and teachers, we have commissioned a further study, the outcome of which we have already undertaken to bring forward to early 2023 to reassure families. Their concerns are understandable but unfounded – added the commissioner -. The general picture of school buildings in this country speaks of only 7% of schools that comply with anti-seismic regulations. It’s not a fact to be proud of but it’s a topic on which the Administration is working to have increasingly safer and more efficient schools. I refer to the appeal to responsibility made by the mayor – concluded Pozzi – and to rely on the opinion of professionals who are qualified to be able to tell us what and how to behave ».

Redaelli on the temporary transfer, he said: “I understand the need of families: it needs to be assessed whether a month of uncertainty is sustainable”.

Leonardi reiterated: «It is not the will of the Administration to send children to unsafe structures. The answers are already in place, so it makes no sense to vote in favor of a document that already sees actions underway”.

Gambini: «I sense a taste of political speculation in the document presented. Concern dates back to before the earthquake which didn’t make things easier, arousing concern in everyone.

For Dallasta: «The calculation of school buildings is very strict, it takes into account much higher accidental loads than those used for other structures, almost double compared to those that the school actually supports».

Pesaro, parents ask for checks on the Olivieri school. The Council rejects the motion – CentroPagina