Police capture teacher Cuscatancingo by anonymous complaint

The arrest was carried out by police officers from the Ciudad Futura post, next to the school where the teacher has worked for years.

Reyna Vanessa Alvarado Hurtado, a second grade teacher at the Ciudad Futura 1 municipal school, in the municipality of Cuscatancingo, was captured last Thursday by police elements from the subdelegation of that same urbanization.

The arrest was made at approximately 1:30 pm The teacher was on her way to the school where she teaches when a police officer called her, saying that he just wanted to ask her a few questions. However, from that time she was under arrest within the framework of the exception regimefor the crime of illicit groups, confirmed several sources.

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Immediately, a group of teachers, Vanessa’s classmates, went to the police station to find out why they had arrested her. The answer was that she was detained for illegal groups, under the exceptional regime, after being denounced anonymously.

For its part, the Union of Municipal Schools of Cuscatancingo (Sitrepes) also denounced the capture. “We ask (the) Ministry of Education to demand respect for the teachers who are being captured under the alleged anonymous complaint. We ask the National Civil Police to release the fellow teacher”, reads the publication of the union organization.

Professor Reyna Vanessa Alvarado Hurtado has a daughter who now joins dozens of children whose parents have been arbitrarily arrested under the emergency regime. Photo EDH / Courtesy

The detained teacher is part of the board of directors of Sitrepes, as published by that organization on its social networks. In addition, she is an employee of the Mayor’s Office of Cuscatancingo, which pays most of the teachers of the aforementioned school, according to teachers.

A teacher dedicated to her work

People who know the professor described her as a teacher who is very dedicated to her work. She teaches second grade in both shifts, that is, she works evenings and mornings, for more than ten years, when the municipal school began to function. “She is the founder of this school; when I arrived, about ten years ago, she was already there”, detailed a consulted teacher.

“I don’t think that the teacher Vanessa is involved in those things, I only see her working because she teaches both shifts,” said a teacher in whose opinion the arrest is totally arbitrary, based on the anonymous complaint that anyone can make.

“The correct thing would be for the police to investigate first before making the arrests, but here it is the other way around, first they arrest and then they investigate, and in the meantime they have already done great harm to people,” argued another member of the educational community, who asked not to be identified.

Regarding the anonymous complaint, both the educational community of which Professor Vanessa is a part, as well as neighbors, suspect that it could have been made by a person who lives in the same neighborhood as the teacher, for which they asked the Police to investigate that person. who made the complaint.

“Look, sometimes as a teacher you always run the risk of falling down with some students or parents, for things like not passing the grade to a student; but apparently, the case of the teacher Vane could be that a person from the same place where she lives has made the false complaint, ”said a source.

Vanessa has a minor daughter who, for now, according to people interviewed, has been left in the care of a relative of the teacher.

The complaints made on social networks about the supposedly arbitrary arrest of the teacher have generated dozens of reactions, in the sense of reproaching the actions of the PNC, for making arrests based on anonymous complaints, without investigating before arresting the people denounced. .

“These anonymous complaints are from a bad neighbor that she has in the passage, investigate that ‘maitra’, because she has indeed had a gang member son,” said a Facebook user.

For his part, the user Rafael Ulises commented: “I know Reyna Vanessa Alvarado Hurtado and I know that she is an honest and respectable person, very dedicated to her work and her family. Another case that highlights the lack of objectivity and individualization that the PNC and the Prosecutor’s Office do towards the real criminals.”

Police capture teacher Cuscatancingo by anonymous complaint