“Policy absent in the mandate lines. Perhaps to have no constraints in the decisions?

“Politics absent in the mandate lines, perhaps to be able to keep your hands free for other decisions?”. To ask the question is Massimo Trespidiminority councilor of the Barbieri – Liberi civic list, in the debate that followed the presentation by Mayor Katia Tarasconi, of the mandate lines of the administration.

What should be “the most important document of administrative activity”, is actually “disappointing and lukewarm from a political point of view” says Trespidi, because the vision it presents “is fine with 99% of citizens because it says nothing in particular ”. “The many words are not followed by the facts – he continues -, it does not develop administrative concreteness, perhaps because one wants to keep one’s hands free”. In the programmatic document, Trespidi continues, what Tarasconi’s coalition said during the electoral campaign is missing. Some examples are represented by the location of the new hospital. “Why not say where it will be made? If area six is ​​not good and area five is preferable, why not write it in the warrant lines? Maybe to be able to go back to your original idea, that is to make it at Pertite?”. The opposition councilor also presses on the future of polysurgery and the former Acna area. “It is located in a strategic area of ​​Piacenza, can you tell us what you intend to do there in the space of five years?”. Trespidi then highlights some critical spending issues: wanting to invest in district police means “that you want to invest in this type of figure, as far as the institution’s personnel is concerned, compared to others”. For the free buses reserved for the over 70s, this opportunity was requested – he observes – by 7.38% of the twenty entitled. “It’s not that big of a hit.” Finally, Trespidi observes that on some points, linked to school programming, there is an invasion of the field with respect to the competences of the Province (for high schools).

To kick off the interventions, the group leader of Alternativa per Piacenza, Stephen cousins, which recognizes the same criticality in the mandate lines. Quoting the former adviser to Liberi Mauro Monti, Cugini analyzes the text of the document: networking, collaborating are recurring terms. Minus the term ‘realize’. “You say you want to focus a lot on communication. I give you some unsolicited advice: say what you do and do what you say” comments the group leader of ApP. Which however shares some projects contained in the mandate lines, similar to those contained in the ‘Yellow Book’ of Alternativa per Piacenza, such as the park and ride parks “to be built as soon as possible, as well as promoting safe traffic near the schools”. On the Pug front, on the other hand, Cugini asked that a participatory process – and not just information – be opened to citizens. As far as culture is concerned, the ApP group leader comments on the recent appointments to Ricci Oddi’s board of directors. “We hope the new directors do a good job. I can’t fail to point out that I have received some messages, with identical content: ‘Debts are paid’. I don’t want to enter into this controversy out of respect for people. There is a very important political issue: if the main majority party presents a candidacy, and it is not accepted, there is a problem. The Democratic Party comes out of this match with broken bones. In conclusion, “The mandate lines are the vision of the city that the mayor chosen by the citizens has. Alternative for Piacenza will mark you as the Pietro Vierchowood of better times, use the right words and give coherence to the facts. We will be interlocutors never biased, ready to do our part for the common good”.

ApP’s colleague Louis Rabuffi instead raises the tone of controversy, recalling the story of resignation of the single administrator of Asp, Eugenio Caperchione, and branding the note released by the Municipality as “shovel of hypocrisy. Does it not occur to you that a nice tacer was never written?”. On the presentation of the mandate lines, Rabuffi makes the comparison with the preview of a concert. “Last Friday I listened carefully to the mayor and took some notes, especially when she said that five years is not a long enough period to be able to achieve everything. But is there a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve in five years? It would have been nice to attach a time schedule of the interventions, as Cugini pointed out, creating is different from conceiving and planning. We have already had the opportunity to see the too many broken promises, the dreams left in the drawer. Even on the new hospital, there is no idea where it can be built “.

“The mandate lines of the administration – he intervenes Stefano Perrucci (Pd) – represent a very ambitious project, the dream of a better city, the result of a great work of synergy within the junta and timely verification with the managers. It presents at the same time provisional measures, suitable for dealing with contingent critical issues, and vision, to set in motion long-term change in Piacenza, with works that must remain as a qualifying feature of our administrative mandate. And to a careful eye there are. I also find the attention paid to the enhancement of employees and the efficiency of the municipal machinery very important. As far as Ricci Oddi is concerned, I realize that the subsidiaries also enter the city’s vision, and that due attention must be paid to the reports that are sent for nominations. We are aware that what is being presented today is a rich and articulated programme, even the minority must commit itself, with a constant dialogue, to the growth of our city”.

“I immediately accept the invitation of the councilor Perrucci, it will be collaborative” takes the floor the group leader Patrizia Barbieri, of the civic Barbieri mayor – Liberi. “In this document there are some points that I agree with, such as the revision of the municipal regulations, a contribution to de-bureaucratize the institution. In terms of organizational well-being, it seems to me that the conciliation activity put in place for the local police has not achieved its objective, given that the state of unrest continues. I agree with what councilor Trespidi said: it is a document of a general nature, everything and nothing can fit in it”. The former mayor then emphasizes the free bus for the over 70s. A similar measure had also been adopted by the previous restricted administration, however, in addition to an age limit of 65, also an income limit. “It is not giving the desired results, given the economic investment. There are expense risks for people who will never use the bus,” he said.


“Policy absent in the mandate lines. Perhaps to have no constraints in the decisions? – piacenzasera.it