Resident of Manerbe, Elise Lecuyer travels around Pont-l’Evêque, Lisieux and Dozulé. ©Camille RUFFRAY / The Pays d’Auge

“I want to help restore self-confidence, to be autonomous and fulfilled. After 16 years as a German teacher, Elise Lécuyer left the National Education to become practitioner in positive psychopedagogy. Resident of Manerbe (Calvados), she works around Pont-l’Evêque, Lisieux and Dozulé, at home, remotely or with schools to support young peoplebut also adults.

Approach education differently

“It’s a big leap,” concedes the former teacher, referring to his conversion, matured for several years. After having taught thousands of students, mainly in college, Elise Lécuyer decided to change paths to continue to do it differently. “I felt frustrated in my job not being able to accompany and understand young people in difficulty, for lack of time, but also of means”, she says.

The forties then decided to train in positive psychotherapy, in particular with the Fabrique à Bonheurs in Paris. “It is a more global approach to the individual, which takes into account the body, the emotional and the mental, to restore confidence and the desire to learn and that the person is autonomous in his learning”, explains Elise Lécuyer. For the former teacher, if the school imparts a multitude of knowledge and skills, the school system may also leave some at the roadside. “At school, we focus on grades, we mainly point out the negative… I want to help reveal everyone’s talents”, sums up the one who founded Graine2Talent.

Restore confidence and the desire to learn

Elise Lécuyer mainly accompanies young people to overcome some of their difficulties. “To learn, memorize, manage stress, express yourself, stay focused and attentive, boost self-esteem and motivation, support those who have an atypical profile such as the hypersensitive or who feel out of step with others”, lists she. Goals : restore confidence in your abilities, regain pleasure and motivation to learn, better regulate your emotions and have more effective learning.

The first session makes it possible to set expectations. “We carry out an interview, whether on the family, personal, school level, his hobbies, his diet, his sleep… Before formulating an objective on which he wants to work,” explains Elise Lécuyer. For example: getting better organized, finding the way to learn that suits them, managing stress, preparing for an exam… “We work a lot on trust, I help them to become aware of their emotions, know how to recognize their qualities…” Others sessions are aimed at give “the tools to achieve these goals. “We all have the keys and resources within us to succeed, we just have to find them! »

The practitioner can also intervene in schools to lead workshops. “I already intervene at the Laplace college in Lisieux and at the Livarot college, in particular within the framework of a system to fight against school dropout”, she specifies. Beyond school coaching, psychopedagogy applies also for adults, in order to support them on a personal or professional level. “Psychopedagogy generally allows you to get to know yourself better and know how you function in order to feel better. “More in tune with herself by having added positive psychology to her pedagogy, Elise Lécuyer now feels more “useful”.

Graine2Talent, tel 06 83 14 71 92, [email protected] Social networks: Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.

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Pont-l’Evêque: the former teacher converts to coaching young people to “restore their confidence”