Positano, we hear the mayor: “Traffic exceeded, thanks to the Prefect. Ready for school”

We were able to interview the mayor of Positano, Giuseppe Guida, protagonist with his city and the administration of a summer season with stellar numbers. We talked about politics, school, health and traffic theme.

It comes from an intense and busy summer. Let’s remember pre Covid file from Tordigliano and Piano to get to Positano, how did it go this year?

We can talk about everything in Positano except traffic. Those problems of the circulation trend fall within the ordinary. If we think about what it was before the order of the prefect we thank you. Thanks to the limitation to the buses that this administration and the associations have strongly wanted, we have managed to contain a problem of great impact. I want to thank the prefect but also all the operators, the municipal police and so on.

Problems with bus intersections?

It is one of the problems that sometimes slows traffic down, everything can be improved but there has been a shift towards livability with this ordinance. It used to be a snake of cars.

In the rest of the coast there are problems in the stretch of Castiglione even where the hospital is located, this is a double problem both for mobility and for traffic

Surely there are some stretches of the Amalfi coast that still have problems with traffic and health. I have done everything and I am in constant contact with the leaders of the ASL to whom I had made specific requests. It is a general problem, but I will continue to insist that Positano can have better health.

Is the problem also for the Castiglione hospital without doctors?

This is something that all of us mayors must evaluate in order to defend the hospital in the best possible way.

Politics: Coastal absent, no candidates

This is our weakness in politics. The coast should think in terms of units. Certainly it has already been said by other colleagues as well.

Problem of the dance award and the Campania region?

I am embittered, we have not yet understood why De Luca did not want to finance such an important prize. We have already said what we had to say, it was right. I have never spoken ill of the governor or of the Campania region. Someone also spoke of private financing, surely someone would, but it is a prize that must be financed by the public and by the institutions.

What about the school? In Cilento we want to start a week later, school leaders are missing

We are ready, we will start school regularly. There is Nino Di Leva who is engaging in this, we also thank the head teacher. The problem of the precariousness of school leaders in the other municipalities of the coast is a serious problem, because we remember that the Amalfi coast is a disadvantaged area and this should be emphasized several times as well as for schools, including for health. We are also working on other projects for the city. We do not stop, it was an extraordinary summer and the country managed to resist. For this I would like to thank you all, from entrepreneurs to workers.

Positano, we hear the mayor: “Traffic exceeded, thanks to the Prefect. Ready for school” – Positanonews