“Revenge Now” ending explained: Did Drea and Eleanor get their revenge?

WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. Starring Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke“Revancha ya” (“Do Revenge” in its original language) is a netflix movie inspired by “Strangers on a Train” by Alfred Hitchcock. The Jennifer Kaytin Robinson-directed film follows Drea Torres, a popular girl who, after being dethroned at a private school, makes a secret deal with a new student to get revenge on their enemies.

After 17 years of meticulously selecting the perfect life, with the perfect friends and the perfect boyfriend, Drea, who is on scholarship and unlike her peers doesn’t have a wealthy family, She loses everything because of a sex tape, apparently published by her boyfriend Max (Austin Abrams).

Because he has no evidence, Max receives no punishment, while she is suspended for beating up her boyfriend and her best friends turn their backs on her out of convenience, including Tara (Alisha Boe), who a few days earlier threw her a spectacular party. birthday.

Drea transformed Eleanor into a popular girl to take revenge on Max in “Revenge Now” (Photo: Netflix)


During the holidays, Drea meets Eleanor, who, despite being very different from Torres, offers her support. When Eleanor reveals that she plans to transfer to her school and that she was the victim of a malicious rumor from Carissa, Camila Mendes’ character proposes that she join her to get revenge on her.

The first to fall is Clarissa. It’s easy for Drea to get rid of the student who ruined Eleanor’s life, especially since she discovers that she has been growing drugs on the school farm. Consequently, Eleanor’s enemy is expelled and sent to a luxurious rehabilitation center.

With Eleanor’s help, Drea gets several messages proving cheating from Max, now Tara’s boyfriend, and exposes them on Valentine’s Day. However, the popular kid manages to dodge the blow and soon wins back the support of the student community.

Meanwhile, Drea receives some bad news from the director of Rosehill, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. Being focused on her revenge, she neglects her studies and he misses his chance to go to Yale. Also, he has a big fight with Eleanor because her friend seems very comfortable with her new friend and shows no interest in destroying Max.

true revenge

After her discussion with Eleanor, Drea begins to connect the dots and realizes that their meeting was not a fluke and later, discovers her real name is Nora and that the person who started the rumor at the summer camp was not Clarissa but Drea Torres, that is, she is the person that Eleanor wanted to destroy from the beginning.

Although Drea confronts her, she can’t do anything against her because Eleanor threatens to frame her mother for drug dealing. Consequently, Torres has no choice but to go ahead with the plan to expose all of Rosehill’s students during a secret party.

To get the character of Camila Mendes in “” is reinstated in the popular group, Eleanor causes a car accident. Drea is invited to the secret party, but she must bring a camera to record every detail.

Eleanor cheated on Drea to get back at her in "Do Revenge" (Photo: Netflix)
Eleanor cheated on Drea to get revenge on her in “Do Revenge” (Photo: Netflix)


Does Drea get revenge on Max?

At the meeting, Drea reveals Eleanor’s true identity in front of her peers and once again embarrasses her in public. However, she immediately regrets it and asks for his forgiveness. After a heart-to-heart conversation, the two make amends and resume their friendship.

At that moment, Max appears and makes fun of both. In addition, she admits that it was he who published Drea’s intimate video and does not regret anything because he considers that she owes her popularity to her courtship.

Although he leaves triumphant, Eleanor was recording the conversation and exposes him in front of the entire party. As a result, Max is expelled from Rosehill and a space at Yale opens up for Drea. However, she prefers to reject it.

” ends with Drea and Eleanor becoming friends again and reconciling with their respective love interests.

Drea started dating Russ after breaking up with Max in "revenge now" (Photo: Netflix)
Drea started dating Russ after finishing with Max in “Revancha ya” (Photo: Netflix)

“Revenge Now” ending explained: Did Drea and Eleanor get their revenge?