School: the busiest school classes in the EU are in France!

School in France is compulsory from the age of 3. A recent study has shed light on the problems in schools

In France, from the age of three, it is able to go back to school. To date, national education is in concern. Indeed, studyingcollege or high school would not be easy for various reasons. MCE TV reveals everything to you.

School: the government is sounding the alarm

Each year, Emmanuel Macron and his government set goals to be achieved in education. The main priority at the moment: school and health!

The concern of his fellow citizens about the recruitment of teachers is growing… For his part, the Head of State wants to be reassuring as indicated by Les Echos.

“I have full confidence that things will go well”thus entrusted the President of the Republic to the Sorbonne this summer. “Difficulties in recruiting are not new, nor are they greater than to those of last year”

In the coming years of his five-year term, the husband of Brigitte Macron wishes to act! To date, Emmanuel Macron is also challenged as to to the results of certain schools.

Although they are educated, students have major shortcomings. ” In ten years increased by 10 points and one in four middle school students does not have the expected level in 6eboth in reading and in mathematics, was also alarmed the tenant of the Elysée.

And that’s not all ! Emmanuel Macron wishes to honor the integration of young people into the professional environment. In a handful of schools, this subject is often set aside.

Thus, the National Education has sworn to recruit “more teachers associates of the professional world”. As for school curricula, there could one day be have great novelties. To be continued !

School: the busiest school classes in the EU are in France!

France: schools singled out

On a daily basis, the government adjusts action plans as for the schools based on the studies of the Ministry of National Education. Obviously, colleges and high schools are also to this day at the center of all discussions.

Moreover, compared to other European countries, the Francid finds himself a bad student! On December 22, 2022, a report devoted to “The Europe of Education” was thus unveiled.

It is the DEPP and the national education which orchestrated it. To begin with, the numbers per class in France are the heaviest.

In schools, there are approximately 22 students per class. However, there is a slight decrease compared to 2020.

The average for other EU nations is 19.3. In college, theenrollment on average is around 26 students.

France and spain have the same results. The other countries of the continent also have lower figures. their bar is also below the 21 mark.

Within France, the lack of teachers is felt. Moreover, there are many more of pupils than of teachers in the schools.

However, in high school, we notice that the trend is reversed with the options. In Germany, there are only 9.2 pupils per teacher in kindergarten.

Only 14.9 for elementary… Against 23.2 and 18.4 pupils for France. On French territory, there are many more hours course unlike others.

At least 900 hours per year on average… Cons 740 hours for example in neighboring countries.

School: the busiest school classes in the EU are in France!