School transport, stops established, pre

The municipal administration has activated all the procedures for the restoration of the school transport service and has also established the stops of the school buses.
The school office, in compliance with the municipal regulation of school transport and pre-existing stop points, has identified the possible stop points of the school buses. For the Armando Sforzi comprehensive school, the route for primary school and middle school in Piano di Conca from and to the hills in the north are Bargecchia (Loc. Colle – Case Popolari – Ghiccio) Corsanico (Piazza – Case Popolari – Botrici – Venti – Casesi) Mommio Castello (Square). The return service from the Piano di Conca middle school to the northern hills is provided by bus. The route for the middle school of Piano di Conca to and from the plains in the north includes Piano di Mommio (Via Sarzanese – Chiesa – Piazza Mercato) Stiava (Via Matteotti petrol station – Ex Bar Gancino – Via Emilia Nord – Via Degli Archi – Piazza Della Chiesa – Loc. Valentino). The return service from the Piano di Conca middle school to Piano di Mommio is provided by bus. The return service to Stiava is instead provided. For the Istituto Comprensivo Massarosa 1, the route to the primary school of Quiesa – Bozzano and the middle school of Massarosa from and to the plains in the south has Massarosa as stops (Loc. Case Rosse – Niquila – Piazza- Caprile) Quiesa (Poste – Loc. La Montagna – Central Bar – Former Abetone Bar – Loc. La Piaggetta – – Via Sarzanese Sud) Bozzano (LOC. Macellarino – Via Casavecchia – Via Vittorio Veneto – Primary School Bozzano – Loc. Crocicchio – Via D. Rontani). Path for middle school and primary school of Massarosa to and from the hills instead Monte Pitoro (LoC. Vallone – Bar) Massarosa (VIA Sterpeti) Paino del Quercione (Via Ficaia – Misericordia).

We have tried to respect the pre-existing stops and serve all the different areas of the territory – comments the councilor of the school Mario Navari with the aim of reactivating a service of absolute importance for us that was missing“.

Furthermore, the tariffs for the service based on the ISEE have recently been approved, which can be consulted on the website of the municipality of Massarosa. It should be remembered that the value of the Isee (Indicator of the Equivalent Economic Situation) is not the gross income of the family unit, and is obtained from the calculation, evaluation and comparison of the economic situation of a family also on the basis of the characteristics of the family unit and of its components.

This is an important step to clarify – continues the commissioner Navaribecause the oppositions have talked about gross income but the ISEE is precisely another parameter according to which many families will have access to reduced rates, it is surprising that these statements come from people linked to the world of school and who have in the past had proxies relating to this sector. We are committed to addressing problems precisely so that everyone has the right for their children to these basic services such as canteen and transport.“.

Reactivating school transport was our priority – comments the mayor Simona Barsottiwe work to continue improving it, strengthening it and making it as accessible as possible to the families of Massa“.

The possibility of submitting an application for registration to the service has been confirmed also during the course of the school year. The application form, taking into account the established courses, will be positively accepted if there are still places available on the course concerned.

For further information the school office 0584979218 is available email: This email address is protected from spambots. You need to enable JavaScript to view it.

School transport, stops established, pre-registration questions still open