School violence: several injured and arrests

Clashes erupted last Friday between the students of the Paul-Indjendjet-Ngondjout high school (LPIG) in the Estuary and those of the Omar-Bongo national technical high school in Owendo (LTNOB). This violence caused several injuries and numerous arrests of the protagonists by elements of the Special Intervention Unit (USI) of the National Police Force (FPN).

According to witnesses well acquainted with the story, it all started with the intrusion of a student from the Omar-Bongo national technical high school into the Paul-Indjendjet-Ngondjout high school. An attitude very badly perceived by the learners of this establishment. Apparently around 10 a.m. that day, the intruder went to see an acquaintance, when he was greeted with boos. Some boys even threw projectiles at him. What will degenerate the situation, continues one of the informants, it is the instantaneous reaction of the young man.

“He did not hesitate to return insults with insults, he would even have allowed himself to raise a finger of honor towards his attackers. And they did not hesitate to move up a gear by molesting him. His school uniform was even torn. After he managed to escape his attackers, he swore to make them pay the full price”, indicates our source.

This is how the student, obviously in his twenties, sounded the alarm to his comrades at the LTNOB, who did not hesitate to put themselves on stage to avenge the affront. It was armed with clubs, and in large numbers, that some learners from the Owendo complex marched towards the LPIG as part of a punitive expedition. As they passed, anything resembling the Lycée Paul-Indjendjet-Ngondjout uniform was targeted. Several students thus spent a bad quarter of an hour.

As evidenced by videos that have gone viral on social networks. Unheard-of violence, which did not leave insensitive those who attended this widespread fight. This brawl caused the destruction of several public assets. Like the buses of the operators Trans’urb and Sagatra, made available to students free of charge by the President of the Republic since the start of the school year. Machines that the students caught in a spiral of blind violence simply boarded, before stoning them. It took the intervention of the Special Intervention Unit (USI) of the National Police Force to restore order. In the aftermath, several LTNOB learners were neutralized by the cops, before being then taken to the station. According to certain judicial sources close to the case, the defendants will have to render accounts in court. Especially for assault. Furthermore, arrangements could be made by the hierarchy of the LTNOB, as was the case recently for the student of Oloumi who had molested his comrade. Especially since it is imperative to punish these pranks and discourage all those who will be tempted to reproduce them.



School violence: several injured and arrests