School works to care for the environment

In times when nature is greatly affected by climate change, it is important that both current and future generations stand in solidarity in favor of the environment. Since The Magdalena Cervantes Integral Education Institute has done it for more than 50 years -formerly Alfonso Cervantes Gómez-, located in the Iturbide neighborhood in Tlaxco.

In this primary level institution It has been shown that the instruction of academic knowledge can go perfectly hand in hand with the learning of the care of natureand this has been achieved through the workshops that the little ones receive twice a weekamong them are the paper recycling, herbalism, cooking, embroidery, arts, dance and theater.

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Here, In addition to the academic preparation indicated by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), the students have a humanistic and integral preparation, which helps the students to develop different capacities of the human beingamong them the sensitivity, care and love for nature, this helps the children become agents of change, says Lourdes Patricia Caballero Cervantes, current director of the school.

A value that is highly instilled among students, and considered as an integral foundation of the human being, is care for the environment.which is intended to get them involved in the care of the nature that surrounds them.

Only in the herbal workshop, the little ones learn to know which are the local plants, which are aromatic and medicinal, plants that can be introduced and that adapt to the ecosystem and climate of Tlaxco, as well as their uses; When there is a town festival, the students sell the products made in class such as syrups, shampoosexplains the director of the school.

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The school also has a small garden, where the infants They plant corn, broad beans, and other legumes and vegetables. They too They are in charge of the harvest and the products obtained are used in the kitchen workshop, in which the students They learn healthy and nutritious recipes.

In the workshops -says Caballero Cervantes- the groups are interspersed and learn to live together, it can be said that it is an inclusion approach. The tutoring approach is also used, where the older ones support the younger ones in a mentoring relationship.

Knowing the environment

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Another way to get children to love and care for nature is that know the environment around them, for this they organize weekly walks to the forest that is very close to the school.

“All children have biophilia, by their own nature they love to see animals and plants; when they go to the forest they enjoy it to the fullest, they are very happy, they feel free; We must not forget that contact with nature is very healing. With these walks they get to know the problems that the forest has, currently it is the debarking worm. We have a rule that is “Hands off”, and it consists of not taking or uprooting things from the forest, so they learn the value of caring, loving the place where they live”.

Environmental care

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Water scarcity is a problem that worsens in various parts of the worldthe country and the state; a way to instill in the little ones the care of the vital liquid is the use of dry toiletsbecause with the use of the conventional toilet, approximately 40% of the drinking water in a house is spent. Dry toilets are an alternative to not spend so much water.

Another way to take care of it is processing that the gray water from the breakfast room has in this educational establishment, -for this a biofilter is used-; the liquid obtained is used, for example, in the irrigation of green areas from school, which are abundant here.

Parents also participate in the projects that the school proposes, this time it is to take organic waste that is generated within the family for the purpose of making compost and thus have fertilizer to enrich the soil of the small garden that the school has.

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Years ago the context was very different, since the majority of the local population was illiterate and the Caballeros Cervantes couple intended to support the wellness of the population.

Carlos Caballero began with the School of Forest Crafts, which was located at Rancho El Pardo, there Carpentry workshops were given. With the support of the local people, he built it in 1961.

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Years later he and his wife Magdalena Cervantes decided to open the kindergarten; It also started at the ranch he owned, but after several incidents, they decided to transfer it to the Iturbide neighborhood and began the construction of the primary school.which at first would bear the name of Alfonso Cervantes Gómez.

At the beginning, the classes were taught by Magdalena Cervantes, supported by various people from the community. One of the first collaborators was Imelda Aragón, who at that time taught dance and poetry classes. Currently, Casedy Drew, who teaches English, and Martha Graciela Sánchez, who has been teaching the herbal workshop for approximately 15 years, collaborate.

Since its inception, the school has been characterized by offering workshops on arts and crafts, and caring for the environment.

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After 19 continuous years of service, the Alfonso Cervantes Gómez educational establishment closed its doors in 1985given the deterioration of the health of Magdalena Cervantes.

  • The Magdalena Cervantes Comprehensive Education Institute -formerly Alfonso Cervantes Gómez-, located in the Iturbide neighborhood of Tlaxco, has been in existence for 50 years.


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  • Parents also participate In the projects that the school proposes, this time is to take the organic waste that is generated within the family.
  • 5 decades The Magdalena Cervantes Integral Education Institute has generated awareness.

Students have a humanistic and integral preparationwhich helps them develop different capacities of the human being, including sensitivity, care and love for nature.


School works to care for the environment