Secondary and 4th grade with the lowest results in the Post

The Secretary of Education of Tabasco (Setab) published for the first time the results of the Diagnostic Evaluation in Primary and Secondary Education, corresponding to the 2021-2022 School Year, after the confinement stage due to COVID-19.

Luis Arturo Vazquez Cujdirector of Monitoring and Evaluation of the Ministry of Education, explained that students from second to sixth year of primary school, and the three grades of secondary school, in Tabasco, were measured in three phases.

reading and math were the two subjects that were measured in the evaluation of children from public, private and indigenous schools.

In the reading evaluation in elementary students from public schools, the correct answers reached a maximum percentage of 66% and even minimum of 42%.

The children of Private schools reached a marginally higher percentage, and in contrast, those of indigenous schools They had the lowest percentage.

Arturo Vázquez declared that this evaluation is not to classify students as failed, but rather a tool to know what needs to be improved.

“The purpose of these diagnostic evaluations is not to pigeonhole or classify teachers or children. These diagnostic evaluations are intended to have an analysis, an X-ray of each of the grades and of the children, in order to take action. We know that we come from the pandemic, so this had a great impact on education and these types of exercise instruments serve to provide information to teachers so that they can take action,” he said.

In mathematics, during the different evaluation phases, primary school students reached an average of correct answers of 51% for public schools general and of 65% in privatewhile in Indigenous Education it was up to 47%.

Luis Arturo Vázquez warned that, both in reading and in mathematics, the averages collapse in fourth grade and they estimate that it is due to a reason.

“And the conclusion is reached that fourth grade is one of the most complex for children, since an increase in subjects is coming, the degree of difficulty of the subjects is higher, such as mathematics; They also enter a process of change in children, where other factors such as care, the accompaniment that parents give them when doing their homework and studying, are also involved, “she commented.

Hits in Secondary lower than Primary

Within the evaluation of students of secondaryit is observed that the percentages of correct answers in reading are lower than those of primarysince they range from 39 to 52 percent.

Meanwhile, in math they go from 38 to 48 points percentages, with respect to the correct answers in the different school grades.

In this segment, the pattern observed in the lower educational level is repeated, since those under sprivate high schools came out better evaluated.

for being the first time these data are collected in Tabascothe Secretariat will make a comparison with the survey that is done in this new school year, said Arturo Vázquez.

“It is planned to do a application during the month of Septemberthis month, to have an overview of this new cycle, if there was any change, if there were improvements in the children’s achievement, and above all, so that the teachers know how the children who receive the previous grade are, “he said .

Finally, the official made a call to the tutors to not stop supporting and following up to the education of minors, regardless of the school grade they attend.

“Unfortunately, many times it can be thought that once the child is left at school, the teacher is responsible for all the activities, for the tasks; and it could be thought that maybe the parents win some activities. And if accompanying children is recommended, supporting them in their homework, in the material they need. We have seen that the pandemic has left many sequels in different issues, especially emotionally, then we do need the parents of family and guardians are more attentive to children and young people,” he declared.

Secondary and 4th grade with the lowest results in the Post-Covid Diagnostic Evaluation of the basic level: Setab