September and October, critical months for migraine sufferers: here’s why

Pay particular attention to the shape with aura, which affects young people and people of working age, especially women. More than half of patients are unable to perform normal daily activities. The climatic changes can further complicate the situation

Vera Martinella

Stress, anxiety, sleep disturbances, bright light, loud noises and even some odors as well as climate change can aggravate the headache. This is why the change of season is a very difficult time for the more than 2.5 million Italians who suffer from migraine with auraa particular form of headache in which the pain is preceded by some reversible visual, motor, sensory, speech and language symptoms. Not a “trivial” headachebut a disease that makes a normal life almost impossible for those who suffer from it: people still of working age, mostly, mostly women.

autumn problems

Although the causes of migraine are not yet fully understood, it is now certain that several factors play a decisive role: genetic predisposition, external factors, systemic diseases, hormonal factors. “However, it is now clear that some climatic-seasonal factors they can negatively affect all forms of migraines – he says Giorgio Dalla Volta, Director of the Headache Center of the Clinical Institute of the City of Brescia-San Donato Group -. The barometric pressure, which changes with the arrival of autumn, the climatic instability, the change in light due to the change in the inclination of the sun and the progressive reduction of the hours of light exert a destabilizing effect on our neuronal networks inducing a further destabilization of the neuronal hyper-excitability of the cerebral cortex of migraine patients. There is further aggravation of the situation also increased stress typical of this time of year when the summer ends, holidays become a distant memory and normal work or school activities resume at full speed. For all of these reasons September and October are likely to be black months for many people afflicted with this neurological disease ”.

migraine and headache with aura

Migraine is a recurrent form of headache and belongs to the headache family. To recognize it, we can refer to some characteristics: themigraine occurs generally, but not exclusively, on only one side of the head (one-sidedness); produces intense, throbbing pain incapacitating; gets worse with movement. And it can manifest itself with or without aura, a symptom that precedes or is associated with the migraine attack and is characterized by sudden flashes of light (glittering scotoma). The patient feels flashes of light, blurring of one or both eyes, tingling in the limbs, stiff neck, difficulty in speaking. “Migraine with aura is not just a passing headache – continues Dalla Volta, coordinator of the Lombardy section of the Italian Society of Headache Study -. It is a pathology not to be underestimated and that it makes everyday life really difficult. Symptoms related to the aura can last up to an hour and lead to a major disability. Post-attack discomfort and exhaustion tend to continue over the next 24 hours. More than half of patients admit that they have severe limitations in carrying out their activities without problems, while only one in ten say they can. ”

online information

To give correct and precise information on the ever increasing number of people with this particular form of headache, the portal has been active for over two years (realized thanks to the contribution of Aesculapius Farmaceutici). On line you can find a lot of useful and certified information as well as contact the experts directly questions about symptoms, diagnosis and remedies.

The therapies

What are the treatments? “Exist several effective drugs, but in some cases they may not be entirely useful in solving the problem or be poorly tolerated by some patients – replies the expert -. Hence the use of additional strategies that can prove to be helpful, such as i nutraceuticals: food supplements can provide benefits. Aurastop, for example, it is composed of three natural substances: the mineral magnesium plus the extracts of two plants, feverfew and griffonia. Several scientific studies have shown that it can be used both as a preventive therapy and in the acute phase, manages to reduce the frequency of attacks and symptoms related to migraine with aura thus improving the quality of life ea reduce duration and disability the aura if taken acutely at the first onset of the visual phenomenon. In particular – concludes Dalla Volta – Aurastop (in tablets for adults and in sachets for children) is the only product on the market capable of having an acute effect on the aura, it has no side effects or contraindications ” .

September and October, critical months for migraine sufferers: here’s why