Six establishments punctuate the school life of the city

A look back at the events that marked the life of the City’s six schools in 2022.

The children of the four nursery and primary schools took part in the Recoules entertainment room, in the week of taste, in particular on seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The Jean Monnet school, directed by Mélanie Picard had 133 students, divided into 7 classes, plus an Ulis system. The cultural week, for bilingual schoolchildren, took place in the form of workshops with art forms linked to nature or ancestral beliefs.

76 children attend the Anne Frank kindergarten which has 3 classes, under the direction of Sandrine Aubry. A beautiful Christmas party was organized by the parents’ association, at the Francis-Poulenc centre, during which the school children sang songs.

63 students received the Diplôme national du Brevet at the Denayrouze college, from the hands of the principal Claudine Iacovo. The public was won over during the concert given by the choir which presented its work of the year at the church of Perse. The 4th graders and their teachers, in collaboration with the collective of artists “Mouvement vital” created a large fresco. The students of the sports association, who made it possible to make a donation of €5,000 thanks to the cross of the month of October, were rewarded with T-shirts. The Rector has awarded the college the Establishment label with a global approach to Sustainable Development, in recognition of the actions carried out by the teaching teams, the students and the Echo Delegates. The Tri-tour truck stopped off at the college for two days: 240 students benefited from the activities and learned the new sorting instructions.

62 children attend the 3 classes of the Saint-Michel nursery school, directed by Laetitia Durand, as well as the Saint Hilarian primary school where the 105 pupils are divided into 5 classes, plus the Ulis system. The teachers made the pupils of the two establishments aware of the use of screens. Thanks to software adapted to their age, they were introduced to very playful computer programming. Work on the digital tablet and the photographic function led to an exhibition at the library. As part of the “View from space” project, the students of CE2, CM 1 and 2 hosted blobs in class.

The parents’ association of Catholic schools has formed a new board chaired by Victorien Lefebvre.

As part of an international project, the Immaculée Conception middle and high school welcomed 46 young foreigners in boarding school, with a European section in addition to Erasmus +. The second year students rub shoulders with in-company learning and create a company from A to Z. The theater club presented a very special event in the old “Terminus” station. €750 was donated for Ukrainian refugees and €700 for SAPAD. Special education: practical physical education and sports cultures opened. 140 kg of waste was collected during the nature clean-up day.

Six establishments punctuate the school life of the city