The SPEG and FAEN-SNCL unions are concerned, a few days before the start of the school year: they denounce the lack of human resources, put at the service of schoolchildren, middle and high school students in Guadeloupe, to guarantee their success. For them, there is a gap between the discourse of the rectorate and the reality on the ground.

Months of 15 days after the start of the 2022 school year, the National Education staff unions announce that their fears expressed last August were justified: enormous difficulties would be observed in several schools in Guadeloupe.

The members of the Union of Education Staff in Guadeloupe (SPEG) met in General Assembly, Saturday, September 10, at the cultural center “ Gerard Lockel “, in Belcourt Baie-Mahault, in particular to take stock of the conditions for the start of the school year.
The union was sold out, but the balance sheet is rather negative. The staff, whether administrative or teaching, contractual or permanent, believe that the situation is much more complicated than the Rector of the Academy would have us believe.

For a long time, they have denounced the job cuts decided from one year to the next.

The SPEG has been at the initiative, since 2020, of a request for a moratorium, to stop these job cuts, in order to really put these resources at the service of an education project which will make it possible to limit failure. We know that in Guadeloupe, we produce more illiteracy: 20%! While in France, we are at 9! We know that there are 1,000 students who regularly leave the school system without qualifications or diplomas. We also know that on all evaluations, whether those of the 1st degree, or those of high school, we are late.

Jean Dernault, General Secretary of SPEG

Early high school placement tests have lagged, for example, according to the union. For this important step, which allows each second year student to identify his achievements and his needs in mastering the French language and in mathematics and for teachers to better target and organize their approach, Guadeloupe, Guyana and Mayotte are at the lags behind other academies at the national level.

The SPEG considers that the school produces failure, in the current circumstances.

We really have to look into the particularity of our academy, the fact that it is an archipelagic academy, the particular problems of this academy, to really implement an educational project and stem the failure in Guadeloupe.

Jean Dernault, General Secretary of SPEG

In addition, the promise of the Minister of National Education to put a teacher in front of each class is not kept, locally, according to the SPEG.

No, it is not effective! We saw, last week, the college of Bouillante mobilize and they obtained an additional class. It is because there is a lack of teachers or, in any case, because the classes are overcrowded. And there are still positions that are not filled. Some of the colleagues have still not received assignments. Contract workers are also awaiting appointment.

Jean Dernault, General Secretary of SPEG

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Assessment of the new school year also negative for the National Union of Colleges and High Schools, member of the Autonomous Federation of National Education (FAEN-SNCL), which also organized its general assembly last weekend, at the college “ Maurice Satineau of Baie-Mahault.
Its members notably debated the perspectives and strategies of the union for the year.

And, on the first days of school, the report is without appeal. The lack of teachers is, once again, denounced. However, several neo-holders of the academy are affected in France, notes the FAEN-SNCL.

More than half of our new holders, our colleagues who have passed the competition, are led to leave for the academies of Créteil and Versailles, while we have locally deficient disciplines: in classics, in English, in mathematics. These colleagues, despite the fact that we need them in the field, have to leave.

Teddy Tancons, FAEN-SNCL general secretary, Guadeloupe section

In addition to the impact of the malfunctions denounced, on the teaching of students, some professionals are also put to the test, according to Teddy Tancons, who takes the example of young work-study students randomly assigned and deprived, for some, of a tutor to help them.

It is therefore, for the two unions, the human resources that are most lacking in educational establishments in the territory, to guarantee future generations an education worthy of the ambitions they could nurture.

SPEG and FAEN-SNCL draw up a negative assessment of the start of the school year – Guadeloupe la 1ère