Strong enthusiasm throughout the territory of Martinique for the national school sports day

The national day of school sport took place this Wednesday, September 21, 2022. This 13th edition was placed under the sign of the inclusion of children with disabilities, and the resumption of the practice of sporting activity for all. Several events were set up in schools and mobilized nearly 2,000 young people.

The UNSS (National Union of School Sports) allows students to practice sports. It offers the possibility of being dismissed free of charge or at a lower cost, and of experimenting or improving in a physical activity.

This sporting practice develops in parallel with the lessons and sports hours scheduled each week in the timetables.

The Belle Etoile College of Saint-Joseph has given its all. One of the supervisors Henri Thobor

©Daniel Betis

A varied traditional and innovative program

The 13th edition of the national day of school sport took place in several establishments which offered tournaments, meetings and competitions to the many players. 2000 young people met on the various sports platforms this Wednesday.

The activities of the day have been listed in different towns on the island (Saint-Pierre, Carbet, Morne-Rouge, Fort-de-France, Anse d’Arlet, Saint-Esprit Sainte Marie, Lamentin, Saint-Joseph, Gros- Morne).

it is for the world of school sport to promote the activities of school sports associations and federations with students, educational teams, parents of students and the local sports world

Steeve Lorsolo – Director of the UNSS Martinique

school sports

UNSS Regional Director Steve Lorsolo with the principal of Belle-Etoile College in Saint Joseph. He made a North, Center and South martahon.


Among the sporting and recreational events, the Victor Anicet high school has focused on combined Bike and Run activities. The Alexandre Stellio college of Anses d’Arlet performed dodge ball and flag. As for Joseph Zobel high school in Rivière-Salée, the focus was on beach soccer and sand ball.

Other establishments such as the Edmond Valard College of the Holy Spirit have prioritized ‘fitness Pound’ with percussion sticks, while the Belle Étoile College of Saint-Joseph, beyond traditional sports, has offered badminton.

The Carbet college has promoted kayaking and rowing.

Other establishments have chosen a more informative aspect, such as the Eda Pierre college in Morne-Rouge which has raised awareness of physical practice, that of Saint-Joseph an awareness of nutrition and that of Vauclin information on disability. .

“The objective is to promote the resumption of sports practice, to show the dynamism of high school graduates in associations, to salute the work of educators and volunteers and to attract new recruits”

Steve Lorsolo – UNSS Regional Director

school sports

The Lycée Victor Anicet of Saint-Pierre doing Bike Run

©UNSS Martinique

Olympism in sight

These achievements aim, a few months before the 2024 Olympic Games, to transmit the values ​​of Olympism: excellence, friendship, taste for effort, perseverance, desire to progress, respect for others, for oneself and for rules.

This valuation of the UNSS is important, because in the past, school sport made it possible to detect and guide talents and was a source of champions.

This day ended with the action of three Marin establishments, the Gérard Café college, the Montgérald high school, and the Raymond Néris high school, which carried out an eco-responsible gesture, namely the cleaning of the mangrove. 100 kilos of waste were removed.

school sports

eco-responsible solidarity action, waste collection in Marin Bay

©Unss Martinique

It is a positive result. Two thousand students contributed to this success by carrying out various sports activities. Three establishments in Le Marin have joined forces for the practice of kayaking with an eco-responsible solidarity action, the collection of waste in the bay. This day is a real success for the Academy of Martinique and the UNSS.

Steeve Lorsolo – Regional Director of UNSS Martinique

Strong enthusiasm throughout the territory of Martinique for the national school sports day – Martinique la 1ère