Student graduated with a thesis on Somma Vesuviana

Vesuvian sum. Maria Maione, a young citizen of the Somme, pays homage to her land by making it the object of study for her three-year degree thesis. Maria graduated on 20 December in Sciences of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, Art, Archeology at the Suor Orsola Benincasa University, with a vote of 110 cum laude out of 110. Her final thesis in “History of Architecture and the City” bears the title “Itinerary of Use of the Historic Center of Somma Vesuviana” and analyzes the urban development of the historic center of Somma, with the aim of enhancing it and documenting the state of conservation of the buildings.

In her degree thesis, Maria conducted a research and study of the architectural heritage of Somma Vesuviana, thus making the artistic beauties of her city known also in the academic environment. This can only be a source of pride and admiration on the part of her fellow citizens. The buildings that were the object of study of Maria’s thesis are: the church of Santa Maria del Pozzo, the collegiate church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the church of Santa Maria a Castello, the palace of the Starza della Regina, the Castle of Alagno . In her thesis there is also a vast photographic appendix of the city, with old and modern photos and postcards.

In addition to focusing on the characteristics of the historic buildings of Somma, Maria also underlined in the paper the importance of keeping the city’s architectural heritage alive, as we read in this extract from the introduction of the thesis: The selected buildings would need a careful assessment of their current state of conservation, and it would be necessary to promote initiatives aimed at enhancing their historical and artistic aspects. Part of the decorations, such as the frescoes, have been damaged by collapses and atmospheric agents, as well as by looting and changes made over time. This heritage, despite the restoration work carried out in recent years, does not present optimal conditions, sufficient to protect its duration over time.


Maria’s passion for art and for her city has matured since she was a child, thanks to her parents and, subsequently, thanks to her school studies: Since I was little my parents have always taken me to visit museums. Then I was lucky enough to have a very good teacher in high school who made me passionate even more. This passion then led her to the choice of enrolling in the Faculty of Cultural Heritage at Suor Orsola Benincasa and to the desire to undertake a profession in the future in the field of art and the enhancement of the Somme territory: Now I’m attending the master’s degree in Digital Humanities again at Suor Orsola Benincasa, after that I’d like to work in a museum or be a tour guide. I would also like to be able to help spread the story of Somma and enhance its heritage. I would like to be able to approach the younger ones especially, which is also why I created an Instagram page called @unasommadistorie.

Student graduated with a thesis on Somma Vesuviana – Il Mediano