Substitutes, exhausted rankings: schools are looking for teachers from MAD. Open notices

The school year has just begun, nominations from GPS and school rankings are in progress, but there is already a lack of teachers for some competition classes. This is how the interpellations for the search for substitute personnel outside the rankings begin. We remind you that at the moment the prohibition remains for those who are included in any ranking to be able to send MAD.

Announcements A027 Mathematics and Physics

I ask. ITET “Dante Alighieri” of Cerignola. 18 hours to 31 August. Deadline at 12 on November 24th.

I notify. Cicognini-Rodari Institute of Prato. 18 hours to December 5th.

Announcements A040 (Electrical and Electronic Sciences and Technologies), A041 (Information Sciences and Technologies), A042 (Mechanical Sciences and Technologies), A043 (Nautical Sciences and Technologies)

A041. the IIS “Paolini Cassiano” of Imola. 18 hours to 31 August.

A043 A044. IIS “Salvo D’Acquisto” of Bagheria (PA). A043: 2 time segments: 2 pm and 2 at 6-30-2023. A044: two hours at the Course for Adults until 30-6-2023. Deadline at 10am on November 21st.

Notice A042. IIS “Marcello Malpighi” of Crevalcore (BO). 18 hours to 30 June. Deadline at 1pm on November 26th.

Notices for various cdc

BB02. IISS De Rogatis Fioritto of San Nicandro Garganico (FG). 4 hours to 9 December. Deadline at 1pm on November 22nd.

Notice BI02 – Linguistic High School IIS “E. Ferrari” in Chiaravalle Centrale (CZ). 5 hours per week. Deadline at 12 on November 21st.

Notice A044 -IPSIAS By Marzio Michetti of Pescara. 15 hours to 30 June. Deadline at 12 on November 21st.

The characteristics of the MAD applications for making available

Let us recall what are the characteristics that the MADs must have, based on theOM n. 112 of 6 May 2022

The OM n. 112/2022, as referred to in the substitution circular of 29 July 2022, has established that MAD applications can only be submitted by applicants not included in any ranking of the same or another province.

In the application, interested applicants must declare (pursuant to Presidential Decree 445/2000):

  • the qualification held (and the relevant achievement details), including any credits/exams necessary to access the competition class (in the case of secondary school teachers);
  • the details of the achievement of any qualification and/or specialization title held;
  • not to be included in any ranking of the same or of another province.

Substitutes from MAD 2022, applications must contain a declaration that they are not included in the GPS or other ranking

Attribution of the substitute

For the purpose of attributing the substitute through MAD, the headteacher proceeds in the following order:

  • qualified and specialized aspirants (in the case of substitute work on a support post);
  • applicants in possession of the expected qualification;
  • applicants who are pursuing their degree (in this regard, no limit is indicated – in the OM and in the circular – with regard to, for example, the years of course already completed or any credits already acquired). In some questions we read that a three-year degree is sufficient.

We emphasize that:

  • both the OM and the circular do not provide indications regarding the assignment of the substitute in the presence of several applicants in possession of a qualification/specialization or in possession of a degree, leaving freedom to the scholastic institutions;
  • candidates, who have obtained the assignment through MAD, are subject to the same constraints and criteria set by OM 112/2022, including the sanctions referred to in Article 14 of the same ordinance.

What the circular doesn’t say

The OM n. 112 of 6 May 2022 does not introduce sanctions, neither for the applicant, nor for the school that were to hire – if the conditions are met – a teacher already entered in the GPS of another province (on the other hand, this does not mean that they cannot be foreseen, even because – unlike in previous years, the prohibition is introduced in an ordinance and not only in the annual circular on substitutes).

Furthermore, the ordinance does not indicate what solutions school managers should find should they find themselves in the same conditions as in the last two school years, when the use of MADs was massive.

We talked about it

Substitutes from MAD: which school prefers to hire a teacher without a title rather than a colleague with a title, even if enrolled in GPS?

Probably, with the update of the GPS, the situation could have changed and the relationship between alternates and candidates in the ranking changed, the next few months we will be able to say whether the Ministry’s forecast will have been correct or not.

At the moment there is no derogation from the prohibition included in the Ordinance. The Head of Department Stefano Versari spoke about it on our microphones

mad? “No changes for the moment” [VIDEO INTERVISTA]

The consultancy

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