Teachers For Future: “Global Climate Strike on September 23”

In these bitter years, teachers usually don’t believe in strikes as a form of struggle. Ecologists do, even if they teach. And that’s how i Teachers For Future (TFF)the «network of teachers who support the global youth movement Fridays for Future», He joined the global climate strike on 23 September next, with the cry of« We continue to ask the leader of government and of the big ones corporation to put people before profits! ». Protest, therefore, not limited to the generic finding of very serious environmental crisis that the whole planet is going through. Causes and culprits are recognized here: the elite that dominate the world, the multinationals (energy and not only), the governments that do everything except oppose the interests of the same.

Open letter to the teachers of Italy

The press release of the TFFrelating to Global Climate Strike of 23 September, refers to the “Open letter to Italian teachers”, collectively developed by teachers from all over Italy through lengthy discussions between all participants (in person and at a distance). The letter invites colleagues from schools of all levels and levels of the Peninsula to “change the world”.

«The beginning of this school year takes on a particular significance, after a summer characterized by heat waves, droughts, extreme events, which have made all Italians touch the heavy consequences of climate change. (…) The school year 22-23 could therefore be considered year zero from this point of view and deserve special attention ».

TFFan expanding network

THE Teachers For Futuretherefore, they do not just invite people to strike. In fact, they affirm that it is necessary “to transform the dramatic context into one opportunities to involve students, colleagues and managers in both didactic and operational activities to be carried out in the week from 19 to 22 September in schools throughout Italy, in view of the global strike for the climate of 23 September “. They also call for the ‘rich package of environmental and climate change education activities available on the TFF website, proposed to teachers of all types of schools who want to use them with their classes “. In fact, «The network TFF now includes teachers in dozens of schools in all regions, and collaborates with the children of Fridays for Future so that the school is “part of the solution and not of the problem” ».

The courage of these teachers against generalized indifference …

In a Italian society very distracted with respect to the environmental and climate emergency, these teachers are a happy exception. Their effort to bring the spotlight of the average on the topic of the climate crisis is commendable. Also because they are part of a category (that of teachers), which pays the price of Italy’s indifference for schools and teachers. Indifference that generates the well-known problems: enormous civil and criminal liabilities repaid with miserable salaries; additional “paid” activities on average with 20 euros per month; incongruous bureaucratic loads with the teaching function, which generate many hours of undeclared and invisible work from the outside; absence of room for improvement of your position. Despite all this, in a country where everyone only looks after their own tiny garden, i TFF they throw their hearts over the obstacle and fight for a cause of common interest that most adults don’t even think about.

… in the country that dances and sings aboard the Titanic

None of the leader politicians – while desperate for votes for September 25 – show not even the semblance of an organic thought to devote to global warming. And this happens because they know that the average voter does not care about the environmental issue.

The house is burning, but the Italians worry about polishing the glass or changing the paintings on the walls or choosing the dress for the evening. No real awareness that the common home is burning, and that we have no other where to survive. The summer we are still experiencing, hot and endless, has all the characteristics ofbeginning of the end. Yet we all play and dance, worst of all Titanic musicianswho, however, at least did it to avoid panic, capable of claiming more victims than the shipwreck itself.

There is still a lot to do, but there is no time to waste

Here, however, there is no need to curb any panic. Indeed, if humanity became aware of the abyss that looms a step away from it, the chances of saving it would increase, because much can still be done, and not done. There are another five or six years to mitigate overheating, changing the development model, saving energy, choosing renewable energy sources. It still can prevent the global average temperature from rising over two degrees compared to the pre-industrial era. But nothing is done about mitigation.

There is perhaps a few more years to adapt to overheating, learning to collect rainwater, to use drinking water only for food, changing building techniques, doing everything technologically possible to defend ourselves from change. But in Italy no adaptation policy is even thought of. Therefore, the teachers of TFF with their commitment and their example. If they’re roses they’ll bloom.

Teachers For Future: “Global Climate Strike on September 23”