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Some 70 teachers from pre-university schools of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) carried out training on road safety this Wednesday to promote prevention among young people at the secondary level of education in the City of Buenos Aires, reported the National Security Agency. Vial (ANSV), agency of the Ministry of Transport in charge of the initiative.

The activity was carried out at the Colegio Nacional Buenos Aires within the framework of the implementation of the Federal Road Education Plan with the aim of “providing the necessary tools and content on how to approach road education in secondary schools”, detailed from the ANSV .

“Nothing kills more young people in Argentina than road insecurity. No disease, no crime produces the deaths caused by road accidents year after year,” stressed the executive director of the ANSV, Pablo Martínez Carignano.

“We are convinced that driver’s education is an essential tool for this to change,” he added.

The training reached teachers from the Buenos Aires National College, the Carlos Pellegrini Higher School of Commerce, the School of Professional Technical Education in Agricultural and Agri-food Production, the School of Professional Technical Education of Lugano; the Free Secondary Education Institute (ILSE) and the Ramón Cereijo de Escobar Pre-University School.

“In addition to teachers, training will soon be carried out for students from the aforementioned educational establishments,” they announced in the statement.

The conference was given by the training team of the ANSV Training Center and by the writer and composer Luis Pescetti, who is part of the lines of action of the Federal Plan carried out by the ANSV.

The activity was attended by the executive director of the ANSV, Pablo Martínez Carignano; the director of the ANSV Training Center, Sebastián Kelman; the Undersecretary of Media Education of the UBA, Mariano Echenique; the rector of the Buenos Aires National College, Valeria Bergman; the rector of the Carlos Pellegrini School, Ana Barral; and the rector of the Free Secondary Education Institute (ILSE), Roald Devetac.

Buenos Aires legislators for the Frente de Todos, Juan Manuel Valdés and María Bielli also participated.

The ANSV Federal Plan has been developed since 2021 and seeks to ensure that driver education reaches all schools in the country.

Currently, 21 provinces have joined this initiative and are working with the different proposals of this comprehensive public policy.

The lines of action of the plan include the delivery of educational materials and practical booklets for all levels, the holding of workshops for authorities of the establishments, awareness talks for young people in the last years of secondary school, and teacher training with the granting of points through from the local Ministry of Education.

Since its implementation, among managers, supervisors, teachers and students, more than 41,000 people from different parts of the country have already been trained in road safety. (Telam)

Teachers from pre-university schools received training in road safety in CABA