The 30th anniversary of the Municipal Women’s Information Center and the “Rosario Carretero” awards in Granada

The Department of Equality of the Armilla City Council has awarded the awards “Rosario Carretero” to municipal services, associations and individuals. “For being an example of strength and improvement and for joining efforts from the personal or collective level in the construction of a better future for Armilla”, said the mayoress, Loli Canavate at the award ceremony held at Fermasa, which was attended by around 300 women.

The acknowledgments, “Rosario Carretero” honor the councilwoman whose work in 1992 implanted the Municipal Women’s Information Center (CMIM) in Armilla, an awareness center that has now grown to have a multidisciplinary team that provides employment, psychological and legal care, among others. As the mayoress recalled: “joint work allows us to isolate the most reactionary sectors of this country who, with their denialist and retrograde speeches, want to retrace all that we have advanced.”

A group of associations and staff that have been helping women committed to society for years, teaching essential values ​​such as equality, solidarity and respect.

El Pilar Women’s Associationpromoted by Rosario Carreter, works to ensure that women armilleras, pioneers 30 years ago in the fight for equality, seek to participate in all spheres of social, cultural and political life.

For their part, associations such as the Viogen service of the Armilla Local Police, were put into operation 10 years ago with the aim of protecting women against gender violence, in which José Juan Sánchez Remacho, Chief of the Local Police, participates mainly in the protection of the women of Armilla. Also, a group of five women, one of them Rosario Carretero, launched a young women’s association that in addition to standing up against cuts in sexual rights, gender violence, they wanted to dignify the role of women who were retaliated against during the dictatorship

In addition, the importance of the 25th anniversary of the home help assistants have taken care of the elderly people of the city and since the municipal nursery school meant not only providing public early childhood education to girls and boys, but also offering a resource for those working mothers who had to leave their sons and daughters well cared for.

Other activities that have been carried out are the tull embroidery workshop, With the purpose of remembering a space of sonority in which the women of armilla spent their time despite their low value.

Generally, a set of associations in which the CMIN workers They accompany hundreds of women in processes of violence, separations and divorces, empowerment, professional development and in their public presence and social participation, making the great feminine evolution present in the city of Granada increasingly visible.

The acknowledgments They have been granted by the El Pilar Women’s Association; the Viogen Service of the Local Police; the Home Help Service; the armillera athlete, Paola Almazán; the Tull Municipal Embroidery Workshop; the 13 Roses Women’s Association; the Municipal Nursery School; the singer Beatriz Gálvez; CMIM workers and José Antonio Morales Cara, for incorporating the fight for equality to the local agenda 30 years ago.

The 30th anniversary of the Municipal Women’s Information Center and the “Rosario Carretero” awards in Granada