The Azor Grimaut Municipal School opens a new classroom and state

  • The commercial neighborhood establishment also inaugurated a 31-square-meter gallery, while equipment for digital education was delivered.
  • At the request of the educational community, the new room will bear the name of Olga Toncovich, a prominent former teacher and director.
  • Azor Grimaut is one of the 17 green schools in the city, which works to promote environmental education by creating an orchard in its educational community.

Within the framework of the “Build the Future” program, Vice Mayor Daniel Passerini, together with Secretary of Education, Horacio Ferreyra, inaugurated classroom 37 at the Azor Grimaut school in the Comercial neighborhood.

The new 54.75-square-meter room bears the name of Olga Toncovich, an outstanding and beloved former teacher and director, who knew how to leave her mark on the hearts and memories of families, students, and teachers who came to know her work for and for each member. of the institution.

The vice-intendent addressed the educational community, to whom he highlighted: “The important thing is to give children the tools they need to function in the 21st century. We are proud that the right to educational quality in Córdoba is being fulfilled and that these classrooms have equipment, with the best teachers. That is what public education, equal opportunities and full rights are all about so that the city is better every day.”

In addition, the official expressed his satisfaction for inaugurating a classroom that bears the name of a “precursor of social work that was an important part of the history of the city as was Olga Toncovich, a pioneer from love and passion for what is done. I think that’s what life is all about and we Cordovans have a lot to give”.

In this regard, Olga’s son stated: “I want to thank the Municipality of Córdoba for building this classroom that bears my mother’s name. We are very touched and honored by this gesture.”

In turn, the Secretary of Education, Horacio Ferreyra, expressed: “How good to be here celebrating and remembering those who are no longer here and who thought about public education. There was a decision by Mayor Martín Llaryora to commit ourselves, and now we are going for classroom number 37 of the 51 that we are going to inaugurate so that they can all be PIEnsA schools. It is not just about coming and building classrooms, but about making things happen and that is thanks to the support of the entire educational community”.

Next to the classroom, next-generation equipment for digital education was delivered, including notbooks, tablets, and robots, as well as new furniture that will serve to expand the institution’s enrollment and give students more time in the classroom. school with more hours of English, programming, science, language and robotics.

In addition, the work added a wide gallery of 31 square meters, which serves as the link between the old building and the new facility.

All the exterior painting of the school was also carried out, the electrical installation was readjusted, and new children’s games were repaired and added with a total investment of $9,931,605.03.

The school, which this year celebrates its 38th anniversary, provides equitable opportunities to 355 students to learn contextualized knowledge in various fields of knowledge, to apply them in everyday life situations.

In addition, it works on the development of orality, reading and writing skills, approaching and solving problem situations; in all fields of knowledge and curricular spaces.

Anabelle Ozán Vergara, director of the establishment stated “I am grateful to the Municipality for giving us the possibility of increasing learning and making the right to education of children effective with these classrooms, the technology they present, and access to new information and communication technologies for all” .

Since 2018, the school has carried out the “Annual Community Show” on the institutional and classroom projects worked on during the year, where artistic expressions, literature, science, care for the environment and technology are mixed.

This year, students from the Grimaut school went to the provincial instance in the 53rd Science and Technology Fair, while they participated in the 36th edition of the Córdoba 2022 Book Fair.

The institution is one of the 17 that integrates the Escuelas Verdes program, implemented by the Secretariats of Education and Environmental Management and Sustainability, through which environmental education is promoted in public and private institutions in the city of Córdoba, working and developing In this case, a school garden.

Who was Olga Toncovich?

Born in Valle Hermoso from a very young age she worked as a librarian. Later, she moved to the city of Córdoba and began her work as a teacher at the San Francisco de Asís School, in Barrio Las Flores.

She was a tireless fighter for social justice who always protected and helped families going through various difficulties, always demonstrating her unconditional love for the community.

In 1976 she began to provide her services in the Dispensary or Health Center of the Commercial neighborhood, in the administrative area and, later, as a nurse.

A short time later, she dedicated herself entirely to teaching and worked as a primary school teacher at the Azor Grimaut Municipal School, where she later became director.

At the same time, he gave classes for adults in the parish hall of the neighborhood, within the framework of the Project of the National Directorate of Adult Education.

After retiring, he founded the Belén gardens, early stimulation centers, in Villa el Libertador.

Olga passed away in October 2009, when she was 70 years old, but her legacy continues through her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and hundreds of people whom she inspired in the classrooms she went through or in the home she provided in difficult times, always demonstrating that love, dedication to service and the fight for justice are always the best way to achieve a more just society.

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