The Eikon Awards distinguish Natura for its sustainability strategy in Chile

Considered the most relevant recognition in Latin America for the institutional communications industry, the Eikon Awards highlighted the cosmetic company for its Store Recycling campaign in the “Environmental Sustainability” category and in the “Events” category, for its innovative proposal at the musical event Lollapalooza.

Hand in hand with Ediciones GAF and with the academic support of the Faculty of Communications of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, the Eikon Awards once again took over from Natura with the delivery of two important awards for its efforts in caring for the environment.

This year, the award included 23 categories in various disciplines of institutional communication, branding, public affairs and three different chapters to give space to SMEs, NGOs and large companies, where Natura is located. These campaigns are evaluated by a jury of renowned communications professionals in Chile and Argentina, who highlighted the cosmetic company of Brazilian origin with two awards. In the “Event” category, for the actions at its stand during the musical event Lollapalooza, the Gold statuette was awarded, while in the “Environmental Sustainability” category, it placed second with Silver. This is due to its successful Recycling campaign in Stores of its already more than 10 retail spaces.

This year, Natura participated for the first time in the most important musical event in the country, Lollapalooza, inviting attendees to unite for the planet just as music unites us with a space in which people could live different experiences of the brand. There, during the three days, the participants interacted, reflected and expressed themselves through music to build together a more diverse, inclusive and sustainable world. In another space of the brand, a uñeta was given to those who witnessed a dialogue about awareness about reducing waste, which were made from drinkable bottles and various plastics discarded at the musical event.

Another of the successful activities at the meeting was around karaoke, where thanks to technological support and an alliance with Fundación Reforestemos, attendees were helping to offset the footprint of the event, in this case, donating a total of 1,000 trees. One of the company’s main concerns was not to generate waste and, therefore, after the event, it donated the materials from the facilities, reusing them, for example, in a primary school in Huechuraba. Ultimately, the purpose was to generate a positive impact.

Bringing the circular economy closer to people

The second recognition, “Environmental Sustainability”, highlighted the company’s efforts to create a world with “More Beauty, Less Waste”.

Although sustainability has been in Natura’s DNA since its inception, during 2021, it began with an innovative recycling campaign in its stores. The goal? Raise awareness about the circular economy and the importance of caring for the environment, bringing recycling closer and easier.

“With this initiative we wanted to contribute and promote recycling among our consumers and, in turn, promote the circularity of post-consumer packaging. This allows us to tune in to our commitment to be a company that generates a positive impact, to achieve a more beautiful world with more beauty and less waste. Where everything we do leaves a mark both for us and for what surrounds us”, explained the Marketing Manager at Natura Chile, Alexa Guerra.

“Without a doubt, we highly value the experience we have had in stores, and we wanted to replicate it at Lollapalooza. This type of recognition motivates and encourages us to follow the path of sustainability”, he concluded.

All in all, just in the first year of implementation, the brand returned more than 2,000 product containers to the recycling chain, which allowed it to reduce its carbon footprint by 0.29 tons, along with saving almost 15,500 liters of water in consumption. water and more than 1,300 kWh of energy, for cardboard and glass recycling.

The Eikon Awards distinguish Natura for its sustainability strategy in Chile