The Expotrans company singled out in the transport of students with disabilities in Mayenne

What happens in transport for students with disabilities in Mayenne? For the past few months, some families with children with disabilities have had problems with drivers in the department to transport these students, especially in North Mayenne. The company Expotrans, based in the Paris region, has partially recovered the paratransit market in Mayenne since November 7th. According to some drivers, the working conditions are not met to work peacefully in the company and they have since resigned, sometimes encountering amazing situations.

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Less hours on payroll

One of the drivers, whom we interviewed and who wishes to remain anonymous, first explains that he has not received all of his November pay. “I worked 77 hours, on what are called vacations, an outing is a vacation, twice a day, they took 8h30 off me from the top of my foot and they took 12 hours off me which didn’t correspond to nothing at all”he explains, “so out of 75 rolled hours, I have 56 paid hours left”. Another says he encountered the same anomaly on his pay slip. When contacted, Expotrans replied that it respected the law and the collective agreement. On the “high-the-foot”, the movement of a vehicle on the network between two shifts, the company can subtract 15 minutes per rotation on the salary but the account is still not good according to the drivers. When they ask society to account, they have no response.

The first resigns on December 22, 2022 and the referent in Mayenne is therefore notified. The school holidays are happening and the day before the start of the new school year on January 3, this referent tries in vain to convince the driver to return to service. The company therefore warns one of the families that no driver will be available for the start of the school year, mentioning that the employee who was to present himself had just resigned. However, this driver had warned the family on December 22. The company finally adds that the employee was actually fired for incompetence.

Cars recovered from a shopping center parking lot

This driver also denounces surprising methods on the part of society. “At the beginning, it didn’t go too badly, except that we pick up the cars in the parking lot of a shopping center, the papers are signed in the back of the vehicle, there is no office, no premises, nothing at all”he explains, “everything happens in the car park and when we receive the contract it is neither in the right name nor at the right address”.

Expotrans replies that these practices are common, that’s how it works when the fleets and tours are spread over a large department like Mayenne. In Maubeuge, in the north of France, where the company has a market, everything is centralized in one location since the tours are only focused on Maubeuge. This driver finally laments the quality of family care and a lack of humanity. “They say that people who quit are isolated cases, either because we don’t know how to do our job or we are not able to do it”he continues, “we’re talking about children with disabilities, who need stability so changing drivers every month I don’t think that’s doing them a favor, this company doesn’t think about children at all and clearly they don’t care”.

Possible legal action

The Parisian company responds that there is “a lot of bad faith on the part of the drivers”she intends to sue them for defamation. Finally, Expotrans is asking for a little more time to better manage the care of children with disabilities in the department. We remind, 43 circuits were taken over by Expotrans in Mayenne on November 7, 2022 and of the 43 drivers in service in the department, only seven were transferred from Titifloris, “which did not really facilitate the transition” deplores Expotrans.

The Pays de la Loire Region, for its part, affirms that there are 10 circuits impacted per day in the department but she is working on the subject to find solutions.

The Expotrans company singled out in the transport of students with disabilities in Mayenne