The first day for the motto of the year was held in Eldorado

“Work as a means for Development and the jobs of the future” were the topics that brought together a multitude of students at the facilities of the Cultural and Sports Union of that locality. The young people participated in talks given by entrepreneurs and businessmen, and had the opportunity to meet and interact with the provincial deputies. 2022 was instituted by the Legislative Power as “Year of work as a means for development, protection of biodiversity and recovery of tourism”.

The opening of the day was in charge of the president of the Education Commission of the Missionary Legislature, deputy María Cristina Bandera, who formalized the greeting of the president of the House of Representatives, Carlos Rovira and the president of the Renewal Block of that Power, Martin Cesino.

The deputy highlighted the possibility that “students can get to know the deputies that the province of Misiones has,” and reported that as deputies they are “working on the motto of the year with instructions from engineer Carlos Rovira.”

Then, the vice president of the Education Commission, deputy Sonia Rojas Decut, assured that Misiones “has an education structure that is disruptive education, which prepares not only young people but everyone to be able to live up to the demands of this 21st century”.

“This education will train the profiles for the knowledge industry and for the jobs of the future, which are related to the skills that have to do with critical and creative thinking, emotional and social intelligence, communication, assertiveness and empathy.”

He affirmed that “the jobs of the future are going to be closely related to entrepreneurship”, and also made reference to “the new sectors, related to care services, environmental, social, personal well-being, with the technology and entertainment industry, and the entire content production sector.”

He stressed that on the occasion “all the training offer from the School of Robotics and Silicon Misiones was presented, so that young people can develop the skills they need to enter the new world of work and the jobs of the future.”

For his part, the president of the General Council of Education, Alberto Galarza, called on young people to “reflect on work, biodiversity and tourism in this event organized by the Chamber of Representatives of the province” and thanked the legislative secretary by the Center for Parliamentary Knowledge, “Patricia López, and on her behalf to the entire Chamber team that has done an important job.”

“Legislators help us with new laws, such as those on emotional education, disruptive education, care for the environment and biodiversity, as a political agenda, but we are the ones who have to train ourselves in the jobs of the future,” he said.

The mayor of Eldorado, Fabio Martínez, meanwhile, called to recognize “those who legislate, who make the law so that we can live in this land without evil, better every day.”

He assured that the themes of the year’s motto “are crucial when we think about development and quality of life; and this State policy has been developed by the Government of Misiones since its inception, always empathetic, thinking of the people”.

He highlighted “the concern and occupation of the provincial Legislative Power, headed by engineer Carlos Rovira, to think, visualize and immediately implement strategies that promote work, care for biodiversity and the growth of tourism at all points of the Province”.

“All this is born from the laws, from the decisions that are always made with the missionary in mind,” he said.

Also in attendance were deputies Héctor Llera, Mario Vialey, Isidro Duarte, Rolando Roa, Norma Sawicz, Jorge Lozano, Ceferino Rodríguez, Suzel Vaider, Adriana Bezus, Jorge Franco, Soledad Balán, Mabel Cáceres, Julio Petersen and Laura Duarte; the legislative secretary in charge of the Parliamentary Knowledge Center, Patricia López; officials of the provincial Executive Power; mayors and councillors.

The activities of the motto of the year will continue tomorrow in Posadas from 9:30, in the Hall of the Two Constitutions of the House of Representatives, with the day of protection of biodiversity: “Conversation on biodiversity and environment.”

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The first day for the motto of the year was held in Eldorado – Guacurari News Agency