The implementation of the Extended and Full Day in the primary schools of Belén and Andalgalá continues

The implementation of the Extended and Full Day in the primary schools of Belen and Andalgala continuesThe Ministry of Education, led by Andrea Centurión, continued with the implementation of Extended day in the first cycle at Primary School No. 222 in the town of Londres, Belén department, and at School No. 408 in Huaco, Andalgalá department.

In addition, the implementation of the Full time in the following educational institutions; School No. 40 “Juan P. de Zurita” of El Shincal and Esc. No. 409 “Dr. Gustavo M. Zuviria”, both from the department of Belén. Subsequently, the change of Day was made in the schools of the Andalgalá department; School No. 170, of the town of Zapicruz, School No. 218 of Malli, School No. 321 in Minas Capillitas and School No. 444 of La Isla. The aforementioned institutions changed to full-time in their entirety, which which implies a significant change in the school trajectories of all boys and girls.

Such a significant event was accompanied by the Secretary of Educational Management; Analia Valcalda, the Provincial Director of Primary Education, Ana Laura Marchetti, the general supervisor of the Primary level Mónica Díaz and the area pedagogical supervisors, Mónica Lazarte and María Yapura.

In the departments of Belén and Andalgalá, the protocol acts were carried out, where provincial and municipal authorities, management teams of all the aforementioned educational establishments, students and families participated, who thanked the Ministry of Education for the possibility of being able to access the implementation of both Extended Day as Full Day.

The Secretary of Management expressed in her speech that “the extension of school time focuses on the care and strengthening of school trajectories, that is, on the construction of a pedagogical proposal that optimizes the school experience, that reorganizes the times, the spaces , the groupings, the knowledge, to enhance teaching and achieve relevant, meaningful and full learning for all primary school students”.

After the protocol acts, the Administrative act of the assemblies for the position of teachers began, carried out by the zone supervisors of each school and the General Level supervisor, jointly with the team of the Human Resources Department. , who moved to the aforementioned departments to be able to specify all the administrative acts necessary for the effective implementation in each Primary Level school.

In addition, the secretary Valcalda and the director Marchetti, held meetings with the management team of the schools involved, to listen to queries, clear up doubts and provide guidance guidelines for the management of the management in each educational establishment, in pursuit of the care of the school trajectories of all students, thus guaranteeing a quality education for each and every one of them.

The implementation of the Extended and Full Day in the primary schools of Belén and Andalgalá continues