The legacy of the late Italo Barbazza: a new oratory for the community of Borgo Sacco

ROVERETO. From a “political” and “social” point of view, the news goes against the trend: in the face of an increasingly widespread dislike for local authorities (from the Municipality to the State), there is someone who instead recognizes a value in administrative activity and significant commitment. And, consequently, at the moment of farewell to the earthly world he decides to leave his legacy to society understood precisely as “politics”.

It is the choice, for example, that he made Italo Barbazzahistoric president of the Pippo Zanini motorcycle club (the first elected of the assembly in 1959) disappeared on 7 September 2017. The legacy in favor of Palazzo Pretorio, among other things, has a very specific recipient: the sports department. Because the donor was a great man of sport, not only motorcycling (a passion that he cultivated since the birth of the Republic) but also the Rovereto area of ​​football in the roaring years of the zebrette and almost professionalism.

Because of this, deathbedhas entrusted to the notary Paolo de Biase a holographic will in which he put the public legacy in black and white (yes, just the colors of the city’s soccer team). And it is certainly not trivial stuff since it is a compendium (three-storey building with commercial spaces on the ground floor and an attached industrial warehouse) in via Abetone. Value is important: over 1.2 million euros which, net of the usufruct, is approximately 890 thousand euros.

The Municipality, thanks to this little treasure received as a sort of early Christmas present, has decided to create a multidisciplinary sports field in the heart of Borgo Sacco. Obviously he won’t do it himself, but he will delegate the real owner of the lot, the parish of San Giovanni Battista and San Giorgio that manages the oratory. Which will receive a loan of 750 thousand euros based on a public-private partnership.

In the neighbourhood, on the other hand, there is a great demand for spaces for outdoor sports. There are 723 children between the ages of 11 and 18, to which must be added the 787 children of the comprehensive school and the 23 recreational associations of the district which rise to 92 if the whole city is considered. For many it is impossible to train, play, have fun precisely because there are no fields. Thus, thanks to Legate Barbazza, this “flaw” will be plugged in a short time.

«The oratory of Sacco – they explain in Piazza del Podestà – already has spaces used for open-air sporting activities which, once adequately restructured, can be used as additional spaces available for schools to carry out their activities, for for children and, in general, for multidisciplinary outdoor play-sports activities, including non-competitive ones, aimed at young people, families and associations of the neighborhood and the city.

On the other hand, the Municipality recognizes the social function of sport and the values ​​naturally connected to it (social integration, health protection, relationships) as indispensable principles for the realization of a full right to active citizenship”. The total cost of the work is estimated at between 2.5 and 3 million euros but, as mentioned, the identified solution is to finance the work with 750 thousand euros and then leave the property to the parish who “lend” it to Palazzo Pretorio for 60 years.

The legacy of the late Italo Barbazza: a new oratory for the community of Borgo Sacco