the Municipality of Civitavecchia will identify

Citizens’ income beneficiaries will be involved

“Projects useful to the community”: the Municipality of Civitavecchia will identify schools –

Councilor Cinzia Napoli, with the Personal and Social Welfare Services Office, communicates that the Municipality of Civitavecchia, in line with the principles and objectives expressed by the European Union regarding the fight against marginalization and social exclusion, and in harmony with the need to re-elaborate the dynamics of the “Citizenship Income” so that it is not limited to mere welfare, it promotes an active policy to fight against poverty which envisages the construction of a stable partnership network with all the territorial realities to favor the activation and development of Projects useful to the PUC community), for which a public notice of Expression of Interest has just been published. “We are convinced” declares the Naples councilor, “that it is necessary at least to rethink the Citizenship Income, both to make the people who use it “useful to the community”, and to contribute to their progressive reintegration into the world of work”.

Since adhesion to the initiative by the world of schools present in the area can improve local action in the fight against poverty and social exclusion, the Municipality of Civitavecchia will identify Scholastic Institutes willing to start “projects useful to the community” with the involvement of beneficiaries of Citizenship Income, the ownership of which lies with the Municipality.

Participation in projects must be consistent with the professional skills of the beneficiary and with those acquired in the formal, non-formal and informal spheres, as well as on the basis of the interests and propensities that emerged during the interview held at the Employment Center or at the community social services. Participation in projects is optional for people not bound by the obligations connected to the Rdc.

Projects useful to the community (PUC) must concern activities in the cultural, social, artistic, environmental, educational and protection of common goods fields. Finally, further activities of general interest may be indicated, provided they are consistent with the aims of the initiative. The project can concern both a new business and the enhancement of an existing business.

Considering the nature of the projects and the characteristics of the people involved, who are not always able to express specific professional skills, the planned activities must not include tasks to replace employees of the Scholastic Institute.

Interested educational institutions will be able to join the Expression of Interest by filling in the form prepared by the Municipality of Civitavecchia which can be found on the institutional website

the Municipality of Civitavecchia will identify