The Muv In The Rural School: The María José Jove Foundation Will Take Contemporary Art To 8 Rural Educational Centers In The II Edition Of “The Muv In The Rural School”


The Plurilingual CEIP Concepción López Rey (Baleira. A Fonsagrada), the Plurilingual CEIP Monte Baliño (Ferreira de Pantón), the Plurilingual CPI Virxe da Cela (Monfero), the CRA Ponte da Pedra (Carballo), the Plurilingual CRA of Vilaboa, the CEIP Xoaquín Loriga (Prado, Lalín), the CEIP Plurilingüe dos Blancos (Os Blancos) and the CEIP Castrelo De Miño have been the 8 schools selected by the María José Jove Foundation for the second edition of “The MUV in rural schools”: a program with which the entity wants to promote accessibility to culture and, especially, to contemporary art, for minors in rural Galicia.

After the success of the first edition, the Foundation increased from 4 to 8 the number of beneficiary centers of a program that physically takes its Virtual Museum (MUV) to rural schools and with which it contributes to eliminate some of the obstacles that these centers they face every day. “The MUV in the rural school” will take place from November to June 2023 and will be in each school for 3 weeks, during which students and teachers will be able to visit it and implement the resources created during the training. To carry it out, the Foundation will set up a space with a computer and virtual reality glasses in the educational center.

Selected centers. Lugo Province

The MULTILINGUAL CEIP CONCEPCIÓN LÓPEZ REY is an educational center located in the town of Cádavo, in Baleira, A Fonsagrada. It has 44 students grouped in a mixed classroom for Early Childhood Education and in three mixed classrooms for Primary Education. The center follows a line of work in contact with nature, with everything that includes sustainable development, science, promotion of healthy lifestyles, the study of the ethnography of traditions, customs and rural values ​​of the environment.

Dates in which the MUV will be: from November 28, 2022 to December 21.

The CEIP MONTE BALIÑO. It is located in a rural area with important wine-producing activity, between the Miño, Sil and Cabe rivers, as well as being crossed by others: O Ferreira and Carabelos. Its student body comes mostly from the Pantón town hall where it is located, but it also has some students from neighboring town halls such as Monforte de Lemos.

Dates in which the MUV will be: from January 9 to 27, 2023.

Pontevedra Province

The CEIP XOAQUIN LORIGA, is located in a rural environment belonging to the municipality of Lalín (Pontevedra), specifically in the place of Prado. They have the privilege of being in direct contact with nature with their patios, with trees and an orchard, and also through their immediate surroundings. Among the basic pillars on which its conception of Early Childhood Education is based are the accompaniment of students, comprehensive care, respect, the relevance of the game, contact with nature, access to quality cultural alternatives, among others.

Dates in which the MUV will be: from January 30 to February 17, 2023.

The CRA DE VILABOA Located in the Vilaboa town hall, it is made up of five schools: Barciela (2 classrooms), Bértola, Figueirido, Paredes and Pousada (2 classrooms). Its seven classrooms are multigrade, with mixed groups of three ages (3-4-5 years). Its teaching staff is itinerant. The methodology of the center is characterized by the main activity of the child. Permanent contact with nature is one of its hallmarks in the rural context, along with the commitment to sustainable development goals: sustainability, health, terrestrial ecosystems or gender equality.

Dates in which the MUV will be: from February 27 to March 17, 2023.

Province of A Coruna

The CRA PONTE DA PEDRA It is a center with its schools scattered throughout the parishes of the municipality of Carballo. This distance that separates their classrooms is counteracted with the proximity and the union in the work and methodological development. 113 minors who make this center work with their work focused on experimentation, manipulation and contact with nature are enrolled. To this idea we must add the collaboration and participation of the educational community in each initiative, activity or proposal that starts from the center.

Dates in which the MUV will be: from March 23 to April 17, 2023.

The MULTILINGUAL CPI VIRXE DA CELA It is located in the place of Xestal, in the municipality of Monfero. The student body is 166 people. The educational center is committed to knowledge of reality from a critical interpretation of it, through experimentation and reasoning in different realities and situations that allow students to build a respectful and responsible life path towards a fair future. and sustainable.

Dates in which the MUV will be: from April 18 to May 8, 2023.

Ourense Province

The TWO WHITE MULTILINGUAL CEIP is a multilingual rural school located in the Os Blancos town hall, in the A Limia region. The center, located in a very special natural environment, has enough space to carry out all kinds of activities and workshops with the students. They collaborate with other entities related to the center carrying out all kinds of activities that help the educational development of the students: popular games, music, storytelling, school sports, a small school garden, etc. Dates in which the MUV will be: from May 9 to 30, 2023.

CEIP CASTRELO DE MIÑO is a small school located in rural Ourense. As is currently the case with all Galician rural areas, they have a student body that lives dispersed in small population centers. Being so few, the center works more like a big family. On numerous occasions they work in groups, participate in competitions, go on outings and excursions and look for motivating activities to do in the center itself. Given its characteristics and involvement, this educational center repeats the exhibition in 2023, specifically from May 31 to June 21, 2023.

Accessibility to culture

From the FMJJ art area and the MUV virtual environment, new contexts are explored to make culture and contemporary art more accessible. In this way, the aim is to promote accessibility to culture; introduce new technologies in the classroom through interactive cultural actions; promote artistic thinking in students as a vehicle for relationships; promote environmental awareness and values ​​for environmental preservation, and use artistic practices as transversal tools in educational centers.

The program is planned as a joint and exchange project, which allows the sharing of experiences between the participating schools. Subsequently, the didactic materials generated as well as some of the results of the experience in the educational centers will be collected in a digital publication that will be available on the museum’s website:


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