The pain caused by the policies of right

These days we denounce the absolute abandonment of the Barrio de Santa Cruz and it is a duty to show our sisterhood and go out to the streets, demand solutions now from the PP.

Podemos demands it and wonders what day is not the day to go out and demand, to hear a ENOUGH YA loud and clear?

Every day is a day for Santa Cruz, Guadalquivir, the South Sector, Las Moreras, La Fuensanta, Cañero, Villarrubia, Alcolea, Miralbaida, impossible to name them all. And the historic center, they denounce the “endless parties” because of the city council’s tourism policies.

Not only the neighborhoods, the taxi drivers, who were so grateful for the efforts of Podemos against the VTCs, now find themselves with a decree from the Junta de Andalucía that will allow them to operate, the multinationals stealing the work of the self-employed.

The Stop Bookmakers Collective, which battles against the gambling drug that proliferates in the neighborhoods, has once again accused the City Council of doing the opposite of what it voted in January 2021, no more licenses or expansion of bookmakers. Do we really have to explain to the right that pathological gambling and pathological gambling mostly poisons the youth?

Downtown merchants are going to be the next affected, probably swept away. We assume that the stubborn reality, there are no more hotels in Córdoba, leads the City Council to choose a new sector to benefit. The old Simago will stop being a Hotel to be a Shopping Center. Mr. Bellido, who doubts it?, applauds the project and says that he does not believe that it negatively affects small businesses, here is another cousin of Rajoy who questions the reality that they have been destroying small businesses for decades.

The school year started again with protests. It is a political objective to impose concerted education and put an end to public education. Since the 1980s, we see how the concerted school, conceived as something punctual in the face of the scarcity of schools in the Spain of the dictatorship, however, has followed the opposite path and closes public school units every year while multiplying the concerted ones that education puts in hands of its people instead of guaranteeing a democratic and free education. In Córdoba there are 125 fewer units in the last four school years. For the right it is about control, whoever controls education guides the future and the right is always in it, in “the formation of the national spirit” as opposed to “The Ethical and Citizen Formation”.

For more than a year a citizen of Córdoba has been demanding that the capital gains tax be returned and the City Council alludes to the lack of personnel, while the rights eliminate quality public employment and transfer it to private companies as in March 2021 “A company of Alicante will collect taxes from the Córdoba City Council” (Córdoba newspaper 03.04.21).

The latest embarrassing news, certainly the penultimate, is that the local government spends 5,082 euros to change the typography of the letter “e”, include one more drop in the EMACSA logo, the explanation: “it is a way of doing more accessible and be at the forefront”, which is of course something that the people of Cordoba cannot live without.

The alleged cases of prevarication and/or corruption that the river carries and when it sounds…. The last one, with Mr. Dorado at the head, is the alleged corruption that has paralyzed the infrastructure area, essential for the care of the city, while they entertain themselves by accusing each other, the neglected neighborhoods.

This has been news for a week, we can’t think of going any further back so as not to overwhelm the reader. All with the same common denominator: they benefit the business of their people, the people of the right, owners of large companies, friends and beach bars compared to the care of the city.

Impossible not to mention his so-called equality policy, which already brought women to the streets in June 2021 without having obtained any response from this City Council. Their obsession with putting an end to feminist policies leads them to eliminate the departments, ministries, of equality wherever they govern, thus we have seen how one of the first measures of the new Government of the Junta de Andalucía has been to eliminate the Department of Equality, Political Social and Conciliation, which they obviously consider not necessary.

To top it off, highlight an essential need for the right: prevent citizen participation to better carry out their harmful policies. Córdoba, after being an example for the country, witnesses how the PP and Ciudadanos and its partner VOX dedicate themselves to the task of eliminating the few remaining participation mechanisms. Today the possibilities of intervention of the neighbors, through their legitimate representatives in associations and groups, are increasingly diminished by the City Council.

Too much bad news and too little good in one week. We want to highlight a good one: “more than 8,000 people from Córdoba already benefit from free Media Distancia subscriptions”, news that does not come from the right but from the measures of the State Coalition Government, which subsidizes the 30% discount on transport vouchers urban and intercity. You will tell us to “sweep for the house”, of course, because no one doubts that our lives get worse or better because of the policies that are applied; the right has never been generous with its policies and from Podemos it is our duty to remember it and continue defending leftist policies.

Córdoba needs an urgent transformation in the face of this pain that is not from heaven, that is not common sense, that is not inevitable, it is the pain caused by the policies of right-wing governments.

We close by going back to the beginning, what day is not the day to go out and demand, to hear a ENOUGH NOW loud and clear? We are two newscasts away from the next municipal elections and it will depend on all of us to decide what Córdoba we want, it is urgent to start the task. We can only wish that we do it, from the citizen community, prioritizing the common good of Cordoba and Cordoba.

It is possible to turn things around, from many places, from the most loyal unit to the best, from PODEMOS we have been showing for 8 years that if you want, you can. Podemos wants a better Córdoba and now it’s time, Let’s go for the City Councils!

Sonia Bachiller Argüelles. Spokesperson for Podemos Córdoba

The pain caused by the policies of right-wing governments