The province executes works in the Vera department for more than 8,000 million pesos

Minister Frana toured the work of collecting and driving drinking water in Paraje Santa Lucía, the Power Transformer Station and the drains in Vera, which present important advances in their different stages.

The Minister of Infrastructure, Public Services and Habitat, Silvina Frana, toured works that the provincial government is carrying out in the Vera department, “with an investment of more than 8 billion pesos with provincial, national and IDB resources,” she specified.

During the tour, the minister was accompanied by the departmental senator, Osvaldo Sosa, and the municipal mayor, Paula Mitre. “We came to give an account of what we are doing, of the works and public policies that we are executing,” said Frana.

In this sense, the minister explained that “Governor Omar Perotti gave high priority to public works, both in large-scale works, such as roads, aqueducts; and in those of smaller scale but no less important and that bring solutions to people. Many works can be mentioned, some such as route 36, route 3 in the sections Los Tábanos – Cañada Ombú – Los Amores, the more than 80 homes, the Child Development Center, the Power Transformer Station that is being carried out by the EPE , the drainage works and the drinking water supply system for the residents of Vera”.

“And in particular, talking about access to drinking water is talking about a fundamental right that will improve the quality and health of many residents of this area. That is to say, they are works that transform realities, and we do it together with local actors, with a comprehensive view, with territorial, sustainable balance, and with the care of natural resources”, then he pointed out, “you are the protagonists, you are the custodians of the works that are done, are the beneficiaries and those who live it, that is our commitment to work responding to the needs of the people”, Frana specified.

“And this is what Governor Omar Perotti asks of us, not only to visit the works, but also to know how to listen to the people and the local authorities, because the important thing is to create the rooting conditions that allow the Santa Fe men and women to improve their quality of life,” he said.

For his part, Senator Sosa indicated that “after so many years, these drinking water works have no precedents, so I take this opportunity to thank Governor Omar Perotti and Minister Silvina Frana, because we went from being a neglected department to being protagonists of the amount of public work in a short time, on roads, homes, sanitation, drinking water, energy, among so many that dignify people’s lives”.

Finally, Mayor Miter highlighted “not only the presence of Minister Frana, but also the Ministry of Infrastructure that she leads, because it is the one that has made the most investment in our city and in our department. We are underway with two new works: the sewage system on Route 36 and the drainage network on Corrientes Street, and in particular the drinking water work in the Santa Lucía area, for which we all feel a deep emotion to be part of this solution”.

The Santa Lucía work has two perforations with booster pumps with a pipeline, which after traveling 4.5 kilometers, deposits the water in the school’s cistern to be raised to the tank to be distributed through the existing network and used in domestic needs; while through a reverse osmosis plant, another system is responsible for making it drinkable for human consumption.

The province executes works in the Vera department for more than 8,000 million pesos – Radio Amanecer