The Revenue Agency gives away computers it doesn’t use: here’s how

  • L’Revenue Agency give away obsolete equipment such as computers for free.
  • The application to obtain them must be submitted by 3 February 2023.
  • The equipment must be collected directly by the interested parties.

The Revenue Agency gets rid of obsolete equipment and makes tablets, computers, servers and laptops available free of charge. These equipment are no longer usable for activities within the tax administration offices, but they are still fully functional.

What we have before us is one entirely free of charge: for this reason it is carried out through a tender in which other entities or even private subjects can participate, who will be able to receive this equipment. But let’s see how it works.

Here’s who can submit the application to the Revenue Agency

The Revenue Agency has provided particularly clear indications on the subjects who can participate in the tender to get a device for free. They can participate:

  • public administrations;
  • non-profit entities and organizations, even if of a private nature;
  • state educational institutions;
  • peer educational institutions.

In order to participate in the call, schools must use the mechanical code which was awarded directly by the Ministry of Education. The other institutions, on the other hand, will be able to use the tax code directly as a reference.

In the event that entities with a national structure should participate, such as, for example, the police forces, the same tax code will be accepted, provided that reference is made to the various local offices.

How to submit the request for computers

The application must be submitted by the entities concerned directly to the following Pec (certified e-mail): no later than 12 noon on Friday 3 February 2023.

From the same address they can also receive requests from different subjectsas long as they are two separate questions. Should two requests arrive which, erroneously, refer to the same subject, the Revenue Agency will only consider the last received in chronological order.

In an effort to make the procedure easier, the AdE has set up a baptized online platform Phoenixwhich can be reached from the address: Here you can enter the identification code of the tender which is: AE2023 and specify the provinces to which to go, in the event that computers or any other electronic device are assigned.

When the procedure is completed, the site will generate a file to be downloaded and sent together with the email by certified email. The message must have as subject AE2023 and contain the attachment renamed phoenice.xml. The nomination must necessarily be this: in the event that multiple applications are presented, for each email there must be a file renamed in the same and identical way.

Free computers

When will the Revenue Agency publish the ranking

Once the tender is completed, the Revenue Agency will publish a ranking, which will be made publishes February 4, 2023 directly on the Ade website and at the link: this ranking will respect the following priority criteria in descending order:

  • state scholastic institutes and equal scholastic institutes of local authorities;
  • public administrations;
  • public and private entities.

The latter must belong to these categories:

  • non-profit associations and entities registered in the appropriate register of associations;
  • foundations and other public or private institutions with legal personality, not for profit;
  • non-recognized associations with their own statutory instrument from which the absence of profit-making purposes is unequivocal;
  • voluntary civil protection organizations registered in the appropriate registers, operating in Italy or abroad for humanitarian purposes;
  • private peer schools;
  • other public utility bodies and organizations.

In the event that the subject has received a positive response to their application and is therefore in the ranking, they have fifteen days to contact the office and make an appointment to collect the devices. The operation must be carried out by the beneficiary at the place where the equipment is located.

Once these terms have expired, the institution is automatically excluded from the ranking and will lose all acquired rights.

How to collect electronic devices

The Revenue Agency does not deliver electronic equipment and does not provide any transportation services. The operation must be carried out entirely at the expense of the assignees. The person in charge of the collection must provide the following documents:

  • signed proxy from the institution or body to which they belong;
  • identification document of the delegate;

Failure to present will result in the loss of acquired rights and assigned goods.

All equipment is delivered in the way they are held by the Revenue Agency: There is no warranty or guarantee that it will function. In the event that they need to be repaired, the costs are borne by the beneficiary.

Complimentary Computer – Frequently Asked Questions

Who can get the equipment for free from the Revenue Agency?

Public and private bodies can request them by submitting a regular request by 3 February 2023. Here’s how to proceed.

Where are the computers donated by the Revenue Agency delivered?

You must collect them directly at the ADE officesby going to the reference office.

What happens if the computers donated by AdE don’t work?

Any repairs are the responsibility of the beneficiaries, i.e. the AdE does not certify its functioning.

The Revenue Agency gives away computers it doesn’t use: here’s how