The Sagunto City Council presents the Alternatura to School program for the 2022/2023 academic year

The Department of Physical Activity, Health and Sports has presented this morning the new Alternatura a la Escuela program, an inclusive project aimed at all schools in the municipality of Sagunto, which aims to promote the practice of physical activity through knowledge of the mountain, as well as the care and respect for it and also, the ways that there are to develop in it.

The 2022/23 academic year presents the ‘Residus Zero’ campaign aimed at schoolchildren, and has a series of tips to reduce lunch waste and replace plastics and aluminum foil with less polluting ones. It also aims to encourage the consumption of seasonal fruit and avoid the consumption of pastries.

As in the previous year, the place chosen to carry out this project has been the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park, in the province of Castellón. Specifically, the towns of Eslida, where the Park Interpretation Center is located, Aín, where the Caridad and El Castillo ravines are located, and the neighboring town of Almedíjar with the Almanzor ravine. These are places chosen for their orographic characteristics and their peculiar flora and fauna, which allows them to be easily accessible for 5th and 6th grade students and all those with reduced mobility.

In addition, Alternatura is an inclusive project in which the students of the CEE Sant Cristòfol participate and in which the Jorge Juan Vocational Training Center collaborates, where the students of the nature driving degree carry out supervised practices and the CEFIRE, where They teach two training courses for teachers, “which makes it a transversal program that links all educational and training levels,” said the Councilor for Physical Activity, Health and Sports, Javier Timón.

The season began in October and will end at the end of May, and in this course, in addition to consolidating the named activities that were already established in previous courses, the excursion to CEACV (Centro de Educación Ambiental de la Comunidad Valenciana) is incorporated, located in the Marjal dels Moros, where the activities offered by the CEACV will be combined with a bicycle tour along the paths of the marsh. On the other hand, in the excursions with BTT (mountain bike) the Department of Urban Mobility and the Department of Environment collaborate.

The Alternatura Institutos project was also born this year, aimed at all students in the 4th year of ESO and 1st and 2nd year of high school, and the Department of Youth and Children collaborates in this project, where the Alternatura Bio program is located, which consists of excursions around the Sierra de Espadán, Almedíjar and Eslida Aín, and will be carried out with the students’ tenured teachers to take advantage of the flora, fauna and geology of the area, to develop a biology class in situ. The program also has Alternatura EF, which consists of a hiking tour through the Sierra de Espadán in the town of Xovar and the Ajuez ravine with ascent to the Nevera de Castro, in which the students will be accompanied by Physical Education teachers . During this academic year, the Training Course ‘Natural Context as an Educational Resource’ for teachers is carried out again together with CEFIRE Sagunto.

The mayor of Sagunto, Darío Moreno, has explained that it is a program for which the Department of Physical Activity, Health and Sports continues to bet and expand. «And it does it in a very intelligent way, which is from a perspective that we have wanted to incorporate into the political action that consists of generating all those possible alliances and synergies with other departments and other organizations. Here we see how within the town hall itself they also work together with the Department of Education, Mobility, Youth, the Environment… Also, with other institutions such as CEFIRE, Jorge Juan, educational centers, from the perspective of inclusion with the Sant Cristòfol and, besides, all this is making the program mutate, evolve and improve it every time.

During the 2022/23 season, 15 centers participate in the Alternatura a la Escuela project with a total of 42 excursions (16 excursions to Almedijar, 12 excursions to Eslida Aín and 14 CEACV + BTT excursions). In addition, the total number of students who will participate in this campaign will be 2,105 people, where 800 students will participate in Almedíjar, 695 in Eslida and Aín and 610 in CEACV + BTT)

Likewise, to the 2,105 students we must add the students belonging to the inclusion program, where 55 people from the CEE Sant Cristòfol participate, 8 from the Maestro Tarrazona Cyl Classroom, 8 from the María Moliner Open Classroom and 40 from the Socoltie Occupational Center. All of them can participate in one or two outings every month, together with the schools participating in the project. Regarding the Alternatura Bio and EF projects, the seven institutes of the municipality participate.

Timón has highlighted that “with all this we increase the transversality of this magnificent project where different municipal departments join in collaborating and we also influence the promotion of physical and sports activity among our young people to collaborate in reducing the rates of abandonment of sports practice in this sector of the population.

Moreno has indicated that this program “is one of the best examples that we have as Sagunt, Ciutat Educadora from this global perspective, of a program that is not only about physical activity but also about education in values ​​and in which the city council is also learning and improving on their own activities. And so it is a great display of activity on the part of the city council and what we do is encourage everyone to experience it. The very success of the program will lead to 100% of the centers participating in this Alternatura a la Escuela and that, therefore, it is a project for the future and that shows the best face of everything that we do from the City Council ».

Likewise, on October 27, the European Meeting Erasmus Healthy Europeans On The Move was held in Sagunto, with Alternatura participating in the excursion to the Sierra de Espadán Eslida Aín. Alternatura has also participated in the ÀPunt ‘Terra Viva’ television program together with the CEE Sant Cristòfol and the European Healthy meeting.

Balance season 2021/2022

Javier Timón has taken advantage of the presentation of the new academic year to take stock of the previous academic year, which “has been very positive”, where between the months of March and May 10 educational centers participated in 16 excursions with a total of 616 students, to whom We must add the 40 students of the CEE Sant Cristòfol, who participated in 10 of these excursions, the 45 students of driving through nature and the teachers from the Valencian Community who took CEFIRE courses.

The Sagunto City Council presents the Alternatura to School program for the 2022/2023 academic year