The school sports center: an example of regulation

The School Sports Center is aimed at organizing school sports. It operates on the basis of a Project inserted annually in the Plan of the educational offer of the Institute, on indications that the MIUR communicates to the schools through the national and territorial “Guidelines” and through the application Circulars that govern all Physical Education activities. , motor and sporting schools of all levels.

Develop a new sporting culture and help increase students’ civic sense

School sport is entrusted with the task of developing a new sporting culture and contributing to increasing students’ civic sense, improving aggregation, integration and socialization.

Purpose of the School Sports Center

The purpose of the School Sports Center is the promotion of initiatives aimed at arousing and consolidating in young people the habit of sporting activity, as a factor of human formation and civil and social growth.

Goals of the School Sports Center

The School Sports Center pursues the following objectives:

  • promote the psychological, emotional, social, as well as physical growth of students;
  • promote healthy lifestyles;
  • support students in living their bodies with greater serenity and confidence;
  • promote dialogue with others to face shared experiences and know how to be a team with a positive spirit;
  • offer the possibility to all pupils to learn about various sports disciplines even in roles other than that of athlete (example: referee, scoring points, etc.);
  • constitute a moment of fair and correct sporting confrontation;
  • spread the positive values ​​of sport.

How the School Sports Center operates

The School Sports Center will operate through the establishment of groups / teams of students distinguished by interests or sports disciplines and by age groups, also paying due attention to disabled students, with the aim of contributing to the promotion of physical activities for all and to the enhancement of excellence. The activities planned in the School Sports Center will be aimed in part at participation in the student sports games, in part at deepening disciplines that are not always possible to carry out during the curriculum.

The completion of the discipline

The curricular teaching hours of physical, motor and sports education perform the function of providing everyone with basic preparation and of bringing out the propensities, vocations and attitudes of individuals. The natural completion of the specific discipline is entrusted to the additional hours of introduction to sports, up to a maximum of six per week.

The operational proposal of the “Michelangelo Buonarroti” State Institute of Higher Education in Monfalcone (GO)

The operational proposal of the “Michelangelo Buonarroti” State Institute of Higher Education in Monfalcone (GO), detailed in the excellent specific regulation, provides that “teachers carry out teaching activities for a maximum of six hours per week for each full chair of physical education (as required by art. 87 of the CCNL), with a continuity for the entire school year, taking care of the diversification of the proposals. These hours must be used continuously throughout the year, with the aim of creating a sporting lifestyle habit in the pupils. The hours are recorded and documented by the physical education teacher involved in a special register on which the attendance of the students is also noted. Furthermore, the hours are monitored and reported to the Headmaster to verify the participation of the pupils and the effective implementation of the planned activities “.

Promote participation in student sports events

The activities carried out must encourage participation in student sports events at the various territorial levels and the work carried out by the pupils must be certified within the framework of the competences defined at the end of the school cycle.

How the IIS “Michelangelo Buonarroti” of Monfalcone organized the timetable

Sports activities – as foreseen by the IIS “Michelangelo Buonarroti” of Monfalcone, masterfully led by prof. Vincenzo Caico, now a national icon of innovative management and the scientific approach to change – are carried out both in the morning, during the regular course of the lessons, and in the afternoon.

At the curricular level, the following can be carried out:

  • Individual and team sports courses;
  • Tournaments of the various sports disciplines between the classes of the Institute.

At the extracurricular level, the following will be carried out:

  • Inter-class and inter-institute sports tournaments;
  • Initiation and / or refinement of both individual and team sports;
  • Fitness activities;
  • Preparation and participation in the Student Sports Games.

Formation of school networks and collaborations

The Center must be open to the formation of networks and / or collaborations of schools, promotional bodies, sports clubs to facilitate synergies with the outside world and optimize the use of human, instrumental and financial resources.

The recipients of the project

Recipients of the project – active at the IIS “Michelangelo Buonarroti” in Monfalcone (GO) – are all the students of the school who can freely enroll in extra-curricular sports activities. Pupils express their free will to join the proposed activity by indicating the sporting disciplines they intend to practice in the registration form prepared by the teacher in charge. For underage pupils, participation in the activities is authorized, on a specific form, by the parents or whoever takes their place. Adult students can personally sign the authorization form. The coordinator, in a timely manner with the beginning of the school year, must produce the written proposal for the program of the activities to be carried out, taking care not to exceed the available hourly resources. The proposed activities must be approved by the competent collegial bodies and included in the training offer plan, thus constituting an integral part of it.

Sports center regulations

The school sports center: an example of regulation – Orizzonte Scuola Notizie