The Stormshield Academy announces three new school partnerships for the start of the school year

Stormshield strengthens the presence of the Stormshield Academy with the signing of three new academic partnerships.

Many establishments wish to professionalize their students so that they best respond to the demands of a tight cybersecurity market, in constant search for operational talent. Integrating training modules that allow learners to have a practical vision of the solutions for their future employers, the Stormshield Academy, aware of these issues, is attracting more and more establishments and teachers.

Three new partners from IT to engineering, from CAP to Masters

With the establishment of three new partnerships, the number of Stormshield Academy partners has now increased to more than 200 establishments.

Thus the Wide Code School has just signed a national agreement with the Stormshield Academy for its 13 campuses located in the territory. This European school offers training programs for Tech professions in around twenty campuses in Europe, remotely or within companies.

The Stormshield Academy is also strengthening its roots in Metz with Mewo, which has become a key player in training in Moselle for over 10 years. This human-sized campus, located in the heart of Metz, now offers training in various fields, particularly in cybersecurity and networks, from CAP to BAC +5, work-study and initial training.

And finally, the prestigious Polytech school in Montpellier, a public engineering school, is also part of the scheme to offer its future engineers training in information systems security. Each year, the establishment trains 1,350 students and has already trained more than 10,000 since its creation 50 years ago.

Volunteer teachers from these new partners will be able to begin their training in November via an online platform and learn about the various content, before being trained in June 2023 during an intensive 5-day session which will take place at Stormshield premises. .

Commitment, driving force of the Stormshield Academy

Many partners are constantly distinguished by initiatives taken by teachers who are involved and passionate. The latter are the driving force behind the Stormshield Academy and make a commitment each year to their students in order to offer them training in the modules offered by Stormshield, beyond their initial programme.

For example, the IUT of Marseille where Jean-Luc Dasmoiseau, teacher in the Networks & Telecommunications department, accompanied his students in professional license towards the second level of Stormshield certification: the CSNE (Certified Stormshield Network Expert); that they successfully completed.

September also sees the launch of the 2023 edition of Spring Brain, a competition for students from Stormshield partner schools in France. Beyond the traditional prize (€3,000 of Stormshield training for the winner), the top eight will be rewarded with one-year access to the Seela e-learning platform. They will thus be able to access hundreds of hours of training in cybersecurity and information technology, but also immediately put into practice what they have learned on the Airbus Cyberrange platform.

Beyond the training modules provided, in reciprocity of the commitment of establishments and teachers, Stormshield takes an active part in the academic life of its partners, through the sponsorship of promotions.

Stormshield is thus the proud sponsor of the new cohort of 78 students in the Cyberdédense course at ENSIBS (National Engineering School of Southern Brittany) for the next three years. ENSIBS is a historical partner of the Stormshield Academy and its students have always been able to practice on sovereign professional solutions.

Pierre-Yves Hentzen, President of Stormshield was also honored as Sponsor of the 2022 Promotion of the Hexagone school, a new generation engineering school. École Hexagone raises students’ awareness of the challenges of digital sovereignty by offering courses in economic intelligence and by forging academic partnerships with the flagships of French technology.

“Cybersecurity needs talent, we are sorely lacking it. These talents, for their part, need support, commitment and meaning. I am proud to participate modestly in this by promoting a sovereign and innovative vision of cybersecurity. At Stormshield, we want to support this class of 2022 from the Hexagone school, whose mission will be to help cyber-serene the world of today and tomorrow. Says Pierre-Yves Hentzen.

The graduation ceremony will take place on September 16 from 5:30 p.m. at the Palais des Congrès in Versailles.

About the Stormshield Academy:

With more than 45 Stormshield exam centers, 500 active teachers and 800 students already certified, the Stormshield Academy program provides turnkey educational and technical resources in cybersecurity and network protection to its 200 partner establishments. Accessible to BTS, IUT, universities and colleges, Stormshield Academy also has international partners in Poland, Senegal, Spain and soon on the Asian continent. The Stormshield Academy gives teachers and students the keys to defining a network security policy and quickly applying this know-how on sovereign professional technologies, certified by ANSSI.

The Stormshield Academy announces three new school partnerships for the start of the school year