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Thursday, November 17, 2022

The Trades Apprenticeship School No. 2 performs his Annual Show 2022, where the students exposed all their knowledge achieved throughout the year. This Wednesday was the turn of 1st year, on Thursday of 2nd year and on Friday the show will close with a children’s show.

The first two days, this exhibition was held in the building where the craft workshops operate, in Albarracin 245while this Friday at 7:00 p.m., the students who specialized as Child Care Expert and Community Educational Promoterthey will carry out a children’s show in Palaces 850.

The school offers two-year courses such as Kitchen Assistant, Chocolatier Expert, Hairdressing Assistant, Automotive Mechanic Assistant, Home Caregiver, Automotive Electrical Assistant, Skilled Trade Employee, PC Operator for Information Technology and Management, and by 2023 is to confirm the Pharmacy Assistant course.

Beatriz Santanderdirector of the School, spoke with Bariloche Opinion. “In total we have 10 two-year trades. Eight with their workshop classrooms in our Albarracín street building and the other two in School 273,” he said.

Trades Apprenticeship School He is already 40 years old in Bariloche. It had an enrollment of between 400 and 500 students before the pandemic, but when the quarantine was imposed, the number of students fell significantly, although classes continued to be taught virtually.

“Then, with the restrictions, we could not have more than 20 people in the classrooms. That already reduced our enrollment, and now about 120 people will be received,” he said.

Know or need?

In order to enter the school, it is necessary to have the Complete Primary Studiesbe older than 18 years-oldexcept for Home Caregiver where a minimum age of 21 years.

From there, the age range is very wide, since there are 70-year-old students who decided to bet on knowledge.

Santander said that in this diversity of ages “there are those who come to learn the trade only, but a large part seek it as a work output“.

In fact, “many of our students are left working when they leave to do their internships. They are very committed and leave us well represented. Many were left as cashiers in supermarkets, girls who did their internships in kindergartens and continue, or people who did their internships in the hospital and was incorporated”.

Financial and building situation

Regarding how the School is financed, Santander indicated that “we are in great need of money for the inputs of the different workshops, but we received a input of Nation and another of Province And with that we’re doing well.”

In addition, “there are sales in the sample that means that we can buy inputs to continue working.”

As far as buildings are concerned, “we are not doing so well, since being in two establishments makes everything more complex, because there are days when half of the subjects are given in one and you have to walk several blocks to the another building to continue”.

“But what we have been asking for for a long time is that our own building be completed. We have room for more classrooms,” she remarked.

It is worth remembering that at the beginning, the courses were taught at School 273. “Everyone was very uncomfortable. In 2012 we began to have our workshop classrooms in Albarracín. We just need to be able to expand our establishment to function in one place,” he concluded. .

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The Trades Learning School holds its annual exhibition 2022 | Bariloche Give your opinion | News from Bariloche.