“There are children with very strong depressions due to the pandemic”, Roxana Casanova

Monday, September 12, 2022 – 12:00 a.m.

The director of the nest of eagles details the consequences of the confinement due to the pandemic

The historic National Institute lacks sufficient psychopedagogical equipment to meet the needs of students, especially after two years of not attending school in person. The aftermath of the pandemic adds to the social, economic and security situation in which the boys live. According to the director of the nest of eagles, Roxana Casanova, it is necessary to reinforce the team of psychologists and social workers, since she has noticed cases of very strong depression in children who require attention.

Since the return of the pandemic, academic deficiencies have been noted in students. What is the situation in the National Institute?

We have had many deficiencies, these two years of pandemic have been crucial for education. The students present academic difficulties in subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology that are not subjects that cannot be given virtually, in this aspect the boys do present deficiencies. Also in reading and writing, the boys have to leave with a knowledge of Spanish, also in mathematics that helps in reasoning.

Have these deficiencies been measured?

Yes, these days the PISA tests are being carried out to find out the academic level, the results of which we will see later.

How is recovery being carried out in students with deficiencies?

I have my doubts regarding the leveling or revalidation because the two-for-one program was implemented, of accelerated learning in which the boys did two years in one at the virtual level. They were given the basic knowledge through the virtual system, but if they had deficiencies in person, in a virtual way, of course the deficiencies will be noticed. The leveling was so that they had the basic knowledge and now that we have face-to-face classes they must be reinforced, it is a challenge that we have.

As for the homes from which the students come, are most of them from dysfunctional families?

Most come from dysfunctional homes, suddenly they don’t have a father figure, they are in the care of a grandfather or an uncle, a brother who are responsible. Many times it is seen that they are in charge of siblings who have just reached the age of majority and do not have the responsibility or courage to face or have the character to be parents or act as father figures.

Have there been cases in which teachers have been threatened by the marks they put in the bulletin?

At school, within this situation, a psycho-pedagogical office and an orientation office made up of three counselors, two psychologists, a social worker, a teacher of curricular adaptations who are doing a titanic job act. After the pandemic they have exceeded three times the number of students they attended before the pandemic. We need a lot of support from parents because in order to overcome these psycho-emotional situations or curricular adaptations, the support of parents at home is important. We need more support in the case of the psychopedagogical office.

But security aspects have also been detected, how are you addressing this shortcoming?

That also has to do with the social area. Support is needed from appointees for key positions. I believe that to work with minors you have to see the police record, it must be young staff, who is not elderly. It is approximately 2,369 boys that is the registration and young personnel are required, with a sense of belonging and committed to the work.

Have you noticed that the staff assigned to the campus have criminal records?

First, because they are minors, we must know who the people who are going to be close to them are. We cannot leave that to politics or to a deputy or representative. We must be serious about the evaluations that are made to the staff.

Is that staff assigned by Meduca?

Yes, I do not appoint or vote for anyone. Human Resources sends a note with a copy of the contract and the job that person will have. They send it to me, if they are security agents, inspectors, etc.

Are they suitable?

There are many who don’t.

What mechanism does it use to make the claim?

We talk to the Department of Human Resources of the Ministry of Education. What they inform us is that they have a format in which they evaluate their performance, first a verbal warning is made, then it is established in writing. But the suitability for the positions is handled by Human Resources of the Ministry of Education. They will have their scale, the form of appointments, but I do not handle it.

What has been the most frequent psychological suffering of the students?

Many sequels due to problems of family violence, we have had situations of dysfunctional homes, there are children with very strong depressions due to the pandemic and the situation within the home. There are parents who have lost their jobs, experience financial hardship, losses, which are an unprocessed mourning.

In the recent meeting you held with the National Police, what was achieved in relation to the review of the students’ backpacks?

It is that the laws of minors are very strong at the moment. In addition, Law 285 is already in the Official Gazette, which talks about the implementation of letting the student be. He has to be allowed to find his identity, what he wants to be. That falls a bit negatively with respect to the already established laws, such as Decree 142 and 162 that govern all schools nationwide and also each school has its internal regulations. We have just updated ours after hard work by teachers regarding our internal regulations, but it was put into effect in 2020 by order of the Minister of Education, Maruja Gorday, after being reviewed by legal advisors. . What happens is that this work was done when we were in a pandemic, but now that we want to execute it, we cannot because of Law 285. A first meeting was held with the discipline coordinators and directors to regulate that law.

The need to check the backpack, why does it arise?

That’s what all the schools do, it’s done because of the rates of violence there are.

Have you documented cases in which students are armed?

Yes. Suddenly they carry pepper spray, a knife. They allege that they live in a red area and they have to go out at dawn, they say it is to defend themselves and they must have something.

But have incidents occurred within the campus?

What they do is hide them around the school or if they bring them in, they hide them under the water tank. Yes, cases of this nature have been processed with discipline. But they insist that they carry them because of the danger in the area where they live.

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I believe that to work with minors you have to see the police record, it must be young staff, not elderly.’

“There are children with very strong depressions due to the pandemic”, Roxana Casanova