These schools that still lack teachers: “We have names on paper, but no teachers in the classrooms”

The parent-teacher meeting of the seconds is barely over when two mothers head to the FCPE stand, in front of the Eugène-Delacroix high school, in Drancy (Seine-Saint-Denis). Their children have not had a Spanish teacher since the start of the school year, and no one has been able to reassure them as to the time it will take to resolve the problem. ” What can we do ? »asks one of them to the representatives of parents of students. “Call the rectorate every day to find someone”advise him the elected officials, assuring that the management is doing everything it can on its side.

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The promise of a teacher in front of each class at the start of the school year has not been kept in this comprehensive high school welcoming more than 2,000 pupils and students. Mathematics, Spanish, English, sciences and life of the Earth (SVT), history-geography, but also biotechnologies or management-administration for the professional path… It lacked here, from union sources, more than a dozen teachers on September 16 , out of a total workforce of 190.

For the students, these are dozens of hours of lessons already lost. “We cannot compensate internally, many teachers are already working overtime and schedules are not always compatible”says Colleen, a high school English teacher, who does not want to give her name.

“These are adjustments”

The situation is not isolated: the trade unions of the Créteil academy are calling for a strike on Tuesday, September 20, to protest against the positions still vacant and the number of staff per class on the rise in several secondary schools. In all the academies, colleges and high schools have been reporting uninsured hours since 1er september.

According to a survey by the first union of school heads, the SNPDEN, 62% of colleges and high schools said they lacked at least one teacher after the 1er september. With significant disparities between the academies: if 88% of the establishments of the academy of Limoges said they had all their teachers, this was the case only for 23% of those of the academy of Créteil, or even 14, 6% in that of Grenoble.

The Ministry of National Education has not confirmed these figures – and has not yet published any. Pap Ndiaye said on September 12 that the start of the school year had been ” good “conceding however some “frictional absences”, “problems to solve”.

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In the rectorates, it is affirmed that it is a “adjustment period” inherent in each return. “We are not short of teachers, they are adjustments, we assure for example the rectorate of Orléans-Tours, where more than 90% of the heads of establishments declared at least one vacant position after the start of the school year, according to the SNPDEN. In secondary education, we have 32,000 teachers in 400 establishments… It’s a human resources management challenge and the distribution of teachers can take time. »

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These schools that still lack teachers: “We have names on paper, but no teachers in the classrooms”