These stories that surprised you in 2022: a school bus driver fired for dropping off children outside their home

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The dismissal of a school bus driver for making “wild” stops while dropping off middle school students outside their homes is one of the stories that most surprised – and even shocked here – our readers in 2022.

There are stories that will always astonish or even arouse indignation each time you read them. That of Damien Tabard, 70, retired farmer and school bus driveris one.

In Haute-Vienne, in the area of ​​the village of Billanges, Damien Tabard used to drop off the schoolchildren they transported after lessons in front of their homes and not at the planned stops on the route of the school bus. In particular, this allowed a young schoolgirl to avoid walking 650 meters every day on an isolated country road, without sidewalks, without markings and in the dark, says The People of the Center.

“It’s hard to leave a child alone on the road”

But for the bus company that employs him, the company Europ Voyage, these “wild stops” are not authorized. She therefore decides to dismiss the former farmer for serious misconduct, on November 28, 2022, after having warned him several times that he was exposed to sanctions. “For me it doesn’t matter after all, I will find a job otherwise we are looking for drivers everywhere. But it pains me to leave children that I loved. I wanted them to be safe. It’s difficult to leave a child alone on the road”, reacted Damien Tabard to our local colleagues.

The latter, who wants to seize the prud’hommes, believes that these stops in front of the home of the college students did not cause them to change their route and that these practices were tolerated in the past”.European 1, the employer is justified by the voice of Maxime Trossat, the manager of the company: “When I asked him not to bring the children home, he insulted me. He did not respect the bond of subordination”. According to him, “the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region has decided on a route and a number of stops that we must respect”.

“He did too well, and we penalize him”

On the side of the New Aquitaine regional council, responsible for the management of school transport, following this incident, we plan to initiate consultation as soon as possible in the Billanges sector.

But Europ Voyage’s decision went badly and created a stir in the department. The driver is indeed supported by the inhabitants of Billanges as well as by the mayor of the town: “He did too well, and we penalize him, it seems a little crazy”, takes offense Manuel Perthuisot to France 3 New Aquitaine. “It revolts me. We could entrust the children to him with our eyes closed”, is moved by a mother of a student who lives in Les Billanges.

Online Petition

Since December 2, a online petition was filed on the website to request the reinstatement of the coach driver. As of December 28, more than 68,000 people have signed it.

Ironically, noted by our colleagues from France 3, it is the children who indicate from the stops to the new driver recruited in place of Damien Tabard … at the same places where the latter stopped.

These stories that surprised you in 2022: a school bus driver fired for dropping off children outside their home