They call for the awakening of consciences: the unions, upwind against the closure of the Bléneau school site

They are unanimous, the union representations, to affirm loud and clear that “the interest of children” is not at all the priority value of the Departmental Council of Yonne in its management of colleges. Standing up against the closure of the “Alexandre DETHOU” site in Bléneau – one of the three branches that make up the Puisaye establishment -, they denounce with one voice a decision taken without consultation which is causing the umpteenth decline in public services. in rural areas…

AUXERRE: Even if the ax has inevitably fallen on the future of one of the buildings that make up the curious pedagogical complex of Puisaye – a school group split over three separate sites, located in Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye, Saint- Fargeau and Bléneau – they do not lower the flag or the arms for all that, the spokespersons of the trade union organizations concerned by the initiative. That is Sud Education Solidaires, UNSA Education, SGEN CFDT, Force Ouvrière FNEC FP and U FSU.

Gathered under the demonstrative name of a press conference, their representatives firmly disapprove of the cessation of activity of the Bléneau site, a decision recorded by the Departmental Council and supported by National Education recently, which will take effect from the start of the 2023 school year.

A bitter and very difficult pill to swallow for trade unionists for whom it is unacceptable to strip an outlying canton, already deserted by public services, which had with this educational structure a means of exerting a little more attractiveness towards new Venus.

“In Bléneau, there are only municipal services left, specifies one of the speakers in this oratorical exercise, this has terrible consequences for the inhabitants, families, parents and students themselves. And yet, politicians keep talking about this rurality and its defense. Removing a school that welcomed more than 120 children is simply denying this rurality…”.

Using the software of the economy is not tenable for education…

So, could this be the harbinger of a disastrous destiny for the most western territory of the department?

“Yes, respond in chorus the interviewees, and that, we can not resolve! We demand that the necessary human and financial resources be finally allocated to the college of Puisaye so as not to see the two other sites condemn their doors…”.

The enticing proximity of the Nièvre and the Loiret are worrying at the same time. And if the parents of pupils distributed their children towards establishments established on these bordering grounds, by welcoming their offspring? “Certainly, we change academy but it is enough to do it from a derogation…. “.

We will have to wait for the validation of the school map, probably established next spring, to know the exact distribution of young people and their teachers. Without omitting the administrative staff, six agents whose jobs would not be threatened at the present time.

“Using economic software to choose the destiny of a school cannot be justified for the education sector, underlines the departmental delegate of U FSU, Philippe WANTE, a college is not a company, which is why this decision is not tenable…”.

What about the future classes of this territorial sector which, due to their numbers, would inexorably swell with a surplus of pupils having to travel by means of public transport, which takes longer in terms of mobility and experiences time variations?

“The means are not up to the task, retorts the interested party outright, in addition, the excellence of the educational work carried out at Bléneau (100% positive rate in exams) has not been taken into account. It is regrettable that the rectorate has aligned itself with the budgetary arguments put forward by the Departmental Council…”.

But, where trade unionists are up in arms in this case, it is against the method of announcement that was used by the institutional body. Without real consultations, obviously, while for years, reports on the dilapidation of the premises had been made by the teaching and administrative staff.

The reasons put forward to justify this decision are revolting, specify the speakers of the day, because the dilapidated state of the building of Bléneau is only the consequence of the budgetary choices of the Department… “. An executive qualified as “cynical” by this protesting “square of aces”…

Alert people to the disappearance of public service in rural areas…

The discussions continue tirelessly and the protest arguments rain down in showers. In turn, Claire CALVET (FO), Marie LAMOUREUX (UNSA Education), Jérôme COURTOIS (Sud Education) and Philippe WANTE (U FSU) evoke the alteration of school life, the logical deterioration of reception and working conditions students and staff, the extension of the days attributable to transport, the problems caused by the catering while the staff in the kitchen melts like snow in the sun, the mixing of the population long defended while the health risks of COVID still hang.

“If the interests of the students had really been the primary concern, additional resources in terms of personnel would have been allocated a long time ago, bitterly cowardly Marie LAMOUREUX.

Jérôme COURTOIS is even convinced that the next school site which will be permanently integrated into the loss and profit box will be the college of Brienon-sur-Armançon. While the future of the site of Saint-Sauveur becomes a subject of concern for its co-religionists.

By this official speech, the unions wish to alert the rural population – but also urban – to the recurrence of these successive closures, after that of the Auxerre Bienvenu-Martin college.

“We are going to propose a large rally in Bléneau, at the beginning of December, accompanied by a petition to inform about the dangers of such a procedure which is not trivial, the closing of a college on our territory. We do not want the establishment of Bléneau to put the key under the doormat. Our role is also to protect teachers who do not have to bear the double penalty, with the closure of their establishment and the abolition of their posts… “.

Mass has been said. Will the homily bear fruit in the future so that there are no more school closures in our department? No one really knows…

Thierry BRET

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They call for the awakening of consciences: the unions, upwind against the closure of the Bléneau school site