They detected “numerous and severe irregularities” in a San Benito school

The “repeated irregularities” detected in the operation of the Initial Level Educational Unit No. 256 and in the Gabriela Brimmer Elementary School No. 262, in San Benito, led the General Education Council (CGE) to prohibit the enrollment of students in 2023. It is a privately managed public educational institution, and incorporated into official education in 2019 and 2020.

But from the monitoring carried out by school supervisors, “numerous and severe irregularities” were detected, according to the text of resolution No. 4,668, of last November 22. These irregularities, the regulation states, constitute “situations that clearly put at risk the educational trajectories of the boys and girls who attend both establishments, since their rights to access to quality education are violated.”.

Thus, and after “analyzing and systematizing the qualitative and quantitative data from the exhaustive work in the territory from the supervisory role (…) and from the technical teams, the Legal Affairs Department reached the following conclusions: misconceptions and procedures persist in different organizational and curricular dimensionseven receiving repeated explanations, accompaniment and permanent advice from the Directorate of Private Management Education and after two instances of warning to regularize the situation.

When reviewing the “most notorious irregularities”, the CGE resolution points out in relation to the “pedagogical-didactic dimension: little and/or null evidence of learning in Mathematics, Language and other areas of the compulsory curriculum at the primary level. Absence of planning that guarantees knowledge in each grade/cycle of primary schooling, which prevents the acquisition of basic knowledge, common from a perspective of the democratization of knowledge. Scarce evidence of progress in the notebooks and/or folders, presence of isolated activities, which lack connection and depth, which account for a daily improvisation due to the lack of professionalism of the staff in charge and the precarious academic training. Evidence of development of extracurricular spaces and dynamics that are not within the schedule corresponding to the mandatory curricular box at the initial and primary level.

Regarding the responsibility of the management and teaching staff of the Gabriela Brimmer School, the CGE resolution cites the National Education Law No. 26,606, and states that they “are agents of the State and must guarantee the teaching of socially relevant knowledge and skills ”. And that they are obliged by law to “comply with the guidelines of the educational policy of the Nation and of the respective jurisdiction.”

In this context, Education understands that “the rights of boys and girls to receive comprehensive education with equal opportunities that aims at the development of all dimensions of the person are directly violated,” the portal details. between rivers now.

Regarding the “socio-community dimension, there is also inconsistency in the way of approaching the processes of educational inclusion of students with disabilities; modes of intervention with little adjustment to national and jurisdictional regulatory frameworks. Regarding the administrative dimension, there is also a constant change of management and teaching staff, which makes it difficult to observe their performance in a sustained manner and has a negative impact on the quality of teaching”. To this are added claims by teaching staff for unpaid wages.

In addition to the intervention of the school supervisors, “numerous presentations from families of students requesting intervention from this body (the CGE) regarding issues that afflict and worry them as they are inherent to the quality of teaching and care policies were added. that should be guaranteed by the institutions.

They detected “numerous and severe irregularities” in a San Benito school – Politics –