They took the school in which the abuse of a child by two classmates transcended

The family of an 11-year-old boy with autism denounced that their son was sexually abused and tortured by two classmates from the Rafaela Sánchez de Caldelari school, located in the Ayacucho neighborhood.

It was after this situation that the father of the victim, in protest, chained himself yesterday Monday at the entrance of the educational institution and reported what happened to local media: “My son has autism and always suffered bullying from these children” .

The force measure responds to the fact that, after the event occurred, last week, the victim’s father met with the school authorities, who assured him that they were going to solve the problem “through dialogue.” In parallel, the family filed a criminal complaint and presented the case to the provincial Ministry of Education.

Thus, at the judicial level, it was decided that the measures be arbitrated so that the victim and her aggressors (would be two sixth grade students) do not cross paths, but this did not turn out that way. “That Friday we returned home and he told me that one of them harassed him again. We also learned that the teacher bullies him and that she repairs him when he speaks, because he has difficulty communicating, “added the father.

This Tuesday, the father continued his protest chained to the school gate awaiting a response from the school authorities. During the morning other families joined the claim taking the building in solidarity with the minor attacked.

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“We don’t have the answer we should have. No action has yet been taken against those responsible for this institution. They did not fulfill their role, that is why we came to this tragedy. I don’t want it to happen to another mother,” Ivana, the mother of the affected child, declared today in statements to the Suquía radio station.

“He is unwell, with panic attacks, he is sad, he wonders why this happened to him. He is psychologically destabilized,” she added amid outrage.

The father, chained since Monday.
Photo courtesy of @nachocadario

With the entrance gate blocking access to the school, the different families demanded responses from the institution and the Ministry of Education, which has already carried out some interventions in the case. Among other items, they ask for the removal of the authorities, the care of the rights of boys and girls and convincing answers from the school portfolio.

“We have determined not to send our children until this is clarified. As parents we are afraid that this will continue to happen, we believe that it is incompetence on the part of the directors,” said one of the parents of the mobilization.

The response of the Ministry of Education

When consulted about the fact, from the Ministry of Education they indicated this morning to TODAY CÓRDOBA that the general directorate of Primary Education and the zone inspection became aware of this situation on Tuesday, September 6.

“There the intervention of the inspection began, the act of violation of rights was activated and the judicial authorities were given participation. Families and this community are also being accompanied by making available all the interdisciplinary teams available, ”said the educational portfolio.

On the other hand, Stella Maris Adrover, general director of Primary Education of the Ministry of Education of Córdoba, was present at the provincial school. The official confirmed to different local media that last week she received the report from the school directors. She specified that the incident involved sixth grade students, late shift.

“Intervention was quickly given through the area inspection to see what the situation was and contact the families,” said Androver. “We generated an investigation that can lead to one more administrative court file,” added the representative of the educational portfolio.

«The post-pandemic is bringing very particular scenes that have to do with tolerance, with understanding and acceptance of the other. But the school has elements to work with”, analyzed the official.

Regarding the actions that the school had when letting the children attend on Friday despite the legal order, Androver stated: “In that the school was not good and we marked it to the director. They understood that by going to different courses, they were not going to cross paths but they ignored that they should not be there”.

In this framework, Androver highlighted the importance of working with the guidance of the families of the children who committed the attack.

They took the school in which the abuse of a child by two classmates transcended