They will share advertising topics in a virtual event Publitalks

This Monday, November 14, students of the Bachelor of Advertising and Public Relations of the Marketing School they will perform Publitalksa virtual event to address issues from the professional world of those who have graduated or are studying in careers related to Communication, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations in the region.

The activities, which will be carried out virtually, are a master conference and a round table, from 5:30 to 7:30 in the afternoon. The headquarters is Marketing School from the University of Colima.

The master conference will be in charge of Tom Morlettfounding CEO of the advertising agency bersegiumgraduated from the Bachelor of Communication Sciences and Techniques from the UNIVA University of Guadalajara and specialized in e-commerce digital marketing at the Monterrey Tech.

He has worked with brands such as Nazil, Perdura, México Design, Cool Capital, Billboard, Hello Kitty, Disney, Wilson, Dragon Ball Z and the most important department stores: Liverpool, Palacio de Hierro, Grupo Walmart and Mercado Libre. The company he runs has worked with leaders in the beauty and music industry: Universal, CD9, Alan Navarro, Danna Paola, Luis Torres, Rosy McMichael and Beauty Creations as well as brands and companies from the United States and Europe.

As for the round table, which will start at 6:30 in the afternoon, 3 graduates from the Bachelor of Advertising and Public Relations of the University of Colima who have stood out in their professional career: Karen Miroslava, Michelle Carrizalez and Ana Gutiérrez.

Karen Miroslavawinner of the poster of the Colima Fair 2022recently created the Khool Project Mx agency, working on identity design projects, brandingY packaging (packaging). She has experience in creating content for social networks, advertising campaigns in digital media and brand building, mainly in the food, beauty and personal care industries such as Bananas Pan Casero, FOOMX, La Artesanal, Despensas TO GO, Robusto 70, Antonio Llamas. Studio and Rose Drop, among others, as well as national franchise brands like McCarthys Irish Pub. She worked on 2 projects for The Angelsin the marketing department, with the creation of the packaging and design of the brand in projects focused on the manufacture of sweets with THC and CBD.

Michelle Carrizalezcreator of the advertising agency Matatenait is community manager (administrator of social networks); has made strategies for agencies of Colima. The Matatena advertising agency has worked with brands such as Don Comalón, Mondou Hair company, DMT and Stop Studio. She has made strategies for English schools in Tijuana.

Ana Gutierrez, meanwhile, has been part of the professional team of the Mellon advertising agency for 4 years. She has been involved in projects as an account executive, community managercreative and copywriter (editor) until she became director of the Social Media and digital marketing department. She has worked with local clients such as Peña Colorada, Mazda Colima, Surtidora Ferretera and national companies such as A de Coco and Simply Deli.

the virtual event Publitalksan encounter with the world of work, is part of the subject: Organization of Congresses, in charge of the professors Marcela Diaz Lopez Y Marina Vazquez Guerrero. Access is completely free, but to obtain proof, prior registration is required at the following link:

More information will be published on the social networks of the event, in Facebook and Instagram, under the name of Publitalks.

They will share advertising topics in a virtual event Publitalks