Transgender (English) or transgender (Italian), let’s clarify

I met Lowe (it means beautiful), an African girl / or Centocelle.

I knew her as a child and now, with her eighteen years, she started going to university.

I wanted to understand from her / him, transgender, what I read in the newspapers in recent days.

He tells me that while attending high school, it was common practice in some school in Lazio there career akabut in Rome, the major institutes still lacked them.

What is the career alias? It is a system whereby every transgender student can fully feel himself or herself within the school walls, fully recognizing himself in his own identity.

Choose your chosen name, getting to be called so by professors and classmates, at the time of the roll call or on the electronic class register.

Lowe explains me well, makes me clear. I, I really need it. I am still anchored, but in a very distorted way, to the noun: transsexual.

The Treccani dictionary on the term indicates: transsexual sm and f. and adj. [comp. di tran(s)- e sessuale]. – 1. Person whose sexual behavior is characterized by the non-acceptance of their own sex and by the identification in the opposite one. As adj .: a subject t .; trend, transsexual behavior. 2. Who has assumed, through surgery, the somatic characteristics of the other sex: a t., A transsexual. Often abbreviated to trans.

Attilio, Lowe tells me, to explain well, however, I have to give you more information. Do you have time?

Gender identity is a person’s sense of belonging to a sex and a gender: masculine, feminine, or non-binary (not strictly and completely masculine or feminine), with which he identifies.

If a person has a gender identity other than the sex and / or gender assigned to him at birth, then he is termed transgender.

People who have a social and sexual attitude that combines characteristics of the male and female gender, without fully identifying with either of them, and people who identify themselves in a transient or persistent way with a gender other than the one assigned.

Being transgender is not something that affects sexual orientation, in fact transgender people can identify themselves as: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual or they can even refuse to label their sexual orientation

The term transgender was born as an umbrella term, within which all the people who do not identify with the gender assigned at birth can be defined.

The opposite term of transgender is cisgender (in English) which means all people whose gender identity matches their assigned sex and gender.

After the important explanations, Lowe takes up the latest news story, but identical to what had happened a couple of years earlier.

Rome, high school educational institution, in front of the Colosseum. Tizio, for the professor, is a Tizia. The professor rejects his name of election of the student, the one chosen during the transition path.

Dude is a transgender, his parents requested the career aka which regulates the behaviors to be kept in school with transgender students.

In the regulation of the career aka it is well indicated that the elective name may be used.

Lowe asks me: why still discrimination? Why is there so little culture?

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Transgender (English) or transgender (Italian), let’s clarify