The shortcomings are still there. In New Aquitaine, we obviously did not find 150 drivers in 15 daysunderlines Renaud Lagrave, vice-president of the Regional Council in charge of mobility. However, the strong mobilization of companies made it possible to ensure the circuits. Of the 5,500 circuits, 22 were “difficult” at the start of the week and 15 still are. I am not aware of any specific cases for the ex-Limousin. »

It’s always too much when one is concerned, “but we have minimized the difficulties as much as possible and adaptations are still in progress”, continues the elected official.

Among the companies strongly mobilized, there is LDT Transport. In charge of the Feytiat and Aureil sectors, this company has been established in Limoges since the beginning of the year. “School transport is one of our activities. He is an additional activity or pension. Indeed, the salary varies between 700 and 1,000 € per month and it takes 3, 4 or 5 hours maximum of work per day. In our sector, the age pyramid is therefore aging with a natural turnover. We know that every year, it is necessary to renew between 20 and 25% of the workforce. Every year, from January, we have to anticipate recruitment, to have time to “create” our future employees and thus be ready in September. “, underlines Anthony Rocha, the manager of the Limoges site for LDT Transport.

As a reminder, “in January, we had about ten drivers hired. Mid-June, six were missing. This summer, two who wanted to integrate a small family structure like ours were recruited. Given the shortage and thanks to the quality of social dialogue, some drivers have postponed their retirements because we do not leave children in trouble “, rejoices Anthony Rocha.

Dual qualification poses problems

To be a school bus driver, you need to have a know-how, a sense of public service and a sense of responsibility. And we also need hold a public transport permit, i.e. a vehicle with more than 9 seats, as well as a minimum compulsory initial training (FIMO). The problem of the lack of driver comes in particular from this double qualification that you must have. To have both, it takes three and a half months of training, and a training cost of between 7,000 and 8,000 €, fortunately financed by the Region”, continues Anthony Rocha.

A training policy whose effort will be continued by the community. ” We are going to open even more places, accentuate the sessions everywhere. Some 1,131 people will be trained over the 2021-2023 period, training financed by the Region for nearly 6.2 million euros », Supports Renaud Lagrave.

“A sector where there is work at the key”

“Our business suffers from a lack of communication. It must be promoted because it is unknown. You don’t get up one morning saying to yourself “I’m going to become a school bus driver”, yet there is work to be had, assures Anthony Rocha. There are even possible upgrades. School transportation is a way to get started in our sector of activity. First we drive a 22-seater, then a 32-seater and finally a 13-metre long coach…”

Notice to amateurs.

Stephanie Barrat

Transport – Despite the shortage of drivers in Limousin, companies are mobilizing to provide school transport