UGT denounces that there are 100 unfilled positions in educational centers in Córdoba

More than a hundred people, including trade union representatives from UGT Public services and workers of the elderly residence Figueroa Park and the Parque Figueroa Nursery School have gathered this Tuesday at the gates of these centers demanding that the Junta de Andalucía the coverage of the vacancies of the centers dependent on the provincial delegations of Educational Development and Vocational Training, and of Social Inclusion, Youth, Families and Equality of Cordova.

The secretary of the trade union section of Education in UGT Córdoba, Alfonso Redondo, who estimated the unfilled vacancies in educational centers in the province in about 100 stalls, denounced that “for ten months the Andalusian Civil Service does not cover the vacanciesboth for retirement and for selective promotion processes or occupational health, which are essential in educational centers in the province of Cordoba”.

Situation at Parque Figueroa Nursery School

Redondo gave as an example the situation in the Figueroa Park Nursery Schoolin which “they have retired in recent months two senior technicians in Early Childhood Education and their places remain vacant without being occupied, causing their classmates to have to multiply their efforts to continue offering a quality service to the more than 80 minors in this school”.

Likewise, the Secretary of Education of the UGT denounced that this situation is putting the health of the staff at risk of subjecting them to an excessive workload “with an unbearable physical and psychological load” for which he demanded the Minister of Justice, Local Administration and Public Function, Jose Antonio Nieto“put an end to this situation”.

No less alarming is the situation described by the secretary of the union section for Equality of the UGT SP in Córdoba, Pilar Marín, regarding the centers dependent on the Social Services delegation, who highlighted that the president of the Board, Moreno Bonilla, “He has been breaking his commitments to the employees of the Board for many years”.

Situation in the Parque Figueroa residence, 9 vacancies

Marín indicated that there are positions that should have been covered since January 1, being approved and budgeted but that, “To this day, many jobs are still not covered”. As an example, he gave the situation of the Parque Figueroa Residence, in which “Only one position out of the five for staff of cleaning and accommodation (PLA) that were not yet to be covered at the beginning of the year in a service that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year”. But these would not be the only deficiencies in the Cordovan residence. According to Marin, “a nurse, a doctor, a nursing assistant and two health assistants are also missings that are yet to come and that throughout the year 2022 they have not been covered ”.

As indicated by the UGT secretary, this situation would be happening in many other centers of both the capital and the province, estimating in three the PLA that would be missing in the Lucano residence, in the Mairena minor protection center a PLA, a kitchen assistant, an educator and a driver would be missing. Marín pointed out that in the Beatriz Enríquez child protection center, “there are times when the 18 children between the ages of 0 and 18 have been left with only one educator.”

Centers for active participation, with 50% of the workforce

On the other hand, the UGT Equality Secretary denounced that “in the active participation centers aimed at the assistance and services offered to our grandparents, almost a third of the centers have been with fifty percent of the workforce in 2022, with situations such as center directors or even orderlies who have been absolutely alone, all of this with continued non-compliance of days”. The UGT representative also pointed out to the centers of Villanueva and almodovarand the earrings of Mirror Y Genil Bridge.

Marín denounced “the breaches or cheap excuses that the Government of the Junta de Andalucía is having in terms of the labor reform and the replacement rate since It is false that they do not have the instruments to hire people who are partially retired or their relief contracts or that they cannot replace people who have a leave to care for their children, or cannot exceed the restocking fee recovering the jobs lost these years ago.

Likewise, the UGT representative indicated “the need to renew Job Listings (RTP), They are absolutely obsolete.”

Marín ended by indicating how important it is attention to these sectors of the populationthe elderly and children, due to their vulnerability and the responsibility that society must maintain towards these groups.

UGT denounces that there are 100 unfilled positions in educational centers in Córdoba