the essential
The enthusiasm of the children shows a total adherence to this workshop after only a few sessions. A real notion of exchange, of collaborative work in this workshop which brings “immeasurable richness for the students” as mentioned by the inspector.

A few weeks after the creation of “the class from 2 years old” within the Pendariès school group, a new initiative, carried out jointly by the City, the National Education Inspectorate and the Aveyron Conservatory, has just seen the day in the
school domain: the creation of a theater workshop for the students of the Chartreuse.

This workshop, the educational content of which has been co-constructed over the past year by the Aveyron Conservatory and the educational team of the school group around its director Floriane Dubarry, meets several objectives: to promote the development of children, by giving them access to a quality cultural offer, in this case theatre, complementary to general school education; this allows, among other things, the enrichment of language and oral and bodily expression, assets that will be very useful to children throughout their lives. Promote culture and encourage related practices, particularly theatre, to the widest possible audience. Strengthen the workforce of the Chartreuse school group. It is a question of giving an identity, of bringing a specificity to this school, in line with what is practiced in other school groups: Robert Fabre has an Occitan section, Pendariès has his toddler class, and today the Charterhouse brings theater into the educational project.

80 students on the boards

The project is now a reality and benefits 80 students who have been introduced to this form of artistic expression every week since October. Schoolchildren take part in around thirty sessions, 15 of which are led by Corinne Andrieu, a specialist speaker from the Conservatoire de l’Aveyron.

For the departmental institution, the project fits perfectly into the framework of its action, which aims for a local artistic approach in the heart of the territories. Alongside its missions of specialized artistic education, distribution and support for amateur practices, the structure offers a large number of actions aimed at young people, concerning all ages, from toddlers to middle school students.

At the end of these 30 workshops, a final performance, on the theme of tales, will be given by each class. This will take place in the unique setting of the municipal theatre, which the children will have had the opportunity to visit before, many of them for the first time. Here too, the visit is part of an objective of discovery, while highlighting the equipment.
For the municipality, the desire is to bring more and more families there and make them want to come back to have a good time.

With the theatre, Villefranche has a cultural place of great value, conducive to the development of a diversified and quality cultural offer, which municipal elected officials want to share with as many people as possible, and around which they want to develop projects. This is where the creation of a theater workshop in one of the city’s large school groups takes on its full meaning…

Villefranche-de-Rouergue: pedagogy, development and exchange through theater at the Chartreuse school