After two blank years due to the pandemic, the Graines de Mai festival celebrated its return in 2022. In addition, the two clubs, bridge and scrabble, operating within Apayb have regained their rhythm. The historic president, Bernard Chabert, takes advantage of this moment to hand over. But the context remains complex, between a decrease in the number of members and budgetary issues.

The 2022 general assembly came back on the 20 e

edition of Graines de Mai which also marked the 40th anniversary of a festival for young audiences in Yzeure (Graines de mai was previously called Carrefour Chanson Enfant). In summary, four days, two for schoolchildren, two for all audiences, and some 3,500 people welcomed.

“The number of spectators has fallen sharply, especially for schoolchildren,” noted Bernard Chabert. This dropout is explained by the covid which has weakened the schools and especially by transport problems due to the increase in costs and the lack of drivers. The biggest cancellation concerns a school in Nièvre which had registered more than a hundred schoolchildren for several shows. Fortunately, the local authorities have continued to support us and the private partners have renewed their participation”.

The supervision of the event was equivalent to previous years with around fifty volunteers and as many trainees from Anna-Rodier high school and ADSEA. Le Réray and the family home of Saint-Léopardin could not come for this edition. The festival also continued the action with Sictom to raise awareness among schoolchildren about selective waste sorting.

The financial results of the festival show a decrease in receipts following the drop in attendance. Bernard Chabert underlined “that substantial savings should be made in infrastructure spending”. He also insisted “on the need for new volunteers to strengthen the board of directors”, before announcing “that after 42 years of presidency, he would not stand for this function”.

Bruno Croisier, former employee of Yzeurespace, retired since February 2022, has been a member of Apayb since 2000. “For me, it was out of the question for the festival to disappear. We have a 40-year-old baby just waiting to grow up,” he said.

Bruno Croisier was in charge of the programming of Graines de mai, with Anita Godard, before becoming president. He is the grandfather of three children. To help him in his new role, Bernard Chabert remains vice-president.

“The program for the 2023 edition is almost complete. We had to decide to stop the big top. Good news, a handful of new volunteers have joined to help organize the festival. » Bridge club.

71 members meet on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at La Baigneuse. Training session and consolidation on Monday. Twice a year, 10-hour tournament from Yzeure to Ozières. Spirit of competition, certainly, but conviviality above all. Contact scrabble club

In the presence of Régis Szalko, municipal councillor, and Didier Boudonnat, president of the Ligue de l’Enseignement.


Yzeure – Bruno Croisier succeeds Bernard Chabert