10 Best Movies To Watch This Winter If You Miss Summer

Winter is a time of chills in the air, snow on the ground, and a longing for that warm summer sun you haven’t seen in months. After watching all the classic Christmas movies and watching the ball drop on New Year’s Day, chances are you’ve had enough of the snowy scenes and are ready to watch some hotter hits.

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Beach dates, summer romances, ocean friendships, and seaside getaways are just a few of the things you’ll find in these summer classics that are sure to warm you up during those chilly days. winter nights while waiting for the arrival of these beautiful canine days.

’50 first dates’

Romantic comedies are an enjoyable watch no matter the season, but there’s something special about love on a beach, and that’s exactly what Adam Sandler and by Drew Barrymore character experience in the 2004 film 50 first dates.

Set in sunny, sandy Hawaii, the film follows Henry de Sandler as he tries to win over Lucy de Barrymore. But when Henry learns that Lucy has short-term memory loss and will never remember him, he takes her on new dates every day to keep their growing relationship going in another memorable performance from this acting duo.

‘High School Musical 2’

After ringing in the New Year with this unforgettable New Year’s Karaoke Party at musical high school, continue the HSM marathon with Disney Channel’s biggest summer movie, Music school 2.

When school is out for the Wildcats, they all get summer jobs at a country club where Sharpay’s family happens to reside. Tensions rise as the teenagers learn to handle their new jobs while preparing for the summer talent show, despite Sharpay’s best efforts to keep everyone out of Troy.


Fat may take viewers on a journey through the school year of Danny, Sandy, Rizzo and Frenchy in this 1978 musical, but it begins with the memorable summer love between movie supercouple Sandy and Danny.

During the number “Summer Lovin’,” John Travolta and the end Olivia Newton John sing about the summer adventure of their characters before going unexpectedly to the same school. By the end of the film, it’s summer again and the teenagers are celebrating the end of the school year with a carnival and an epic musical number.


If you’re stuck indoors during those impending blizzards this winter and dream of a warm and beautiful European getaway, Pixar Lucas is the perfect film to watch to escape the cold and transport you to the beautiful yet fictional town of Portorosso, Italy.

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Luca is a young sea monster who longs for a life on land and unexpectedly meets his partner and a new best friend in Alberto. When the two boys discover they can transform from sea monsters to humans while out of water, they spend the summer eating ice cream, stargazing and training for an epic triathlon. to try to win the race of their dreams: a Vespa.


Whether you miss those sunny days on the beach or crave the dread as you patiently wait for the spooky hour to arrive again, giving Jaws one watch will cover it all. Featuring Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss, this film warns swimmers to stay ashore while daring to dive into the shark-infested ocean.

After a fatal shark attack on the local beach, Police Chief Martin Brody advises the city to close the beach, but is refused due to the possibility of losing a tourist attraction. This decision sends Martin on an adventure at sea where he and two buddies must battle the killer shark before it claims another victim.


Moana may be an animated kid’s movie, but this Disney movie beautifully captures the vibrancy of Hawaii, with gorgeous greenery, flamboyant flowers, and a clear blue ocean that a young Disney princess dares to venture into.

Moana has always been drawn to the ocean, and after learning she has the ability to speak to it, she enlists her animal pals Pua and Hei Hei to join her on an adventure at sea, where she meets the self-absorbed demigod Maui, battles unexpected creatures, and acquires a whole new identity.

‘Dirty Dancing’

If you’re looking to warm up from the cold by dancing, dirty dance sure to get you in the mood. Set during an unforgettable summer, the stars of the 1987 film Jennifer Gray and the end patrick swayze as everyone’s favorite baby and Johnny.

Baby’s summer goes from drag to brag when she’s enlisted by dance teacher Johnny to be his new dance partner. After endless days of training and a forbidden romance, Baby has an unforgettable moment when she finally hits the dance floor with Johnny before the film ends.

“A Summer Romance”

If you’re still counting down to Christmas and craving a bit of soap opera-turned-romantic-comedy star Ryan Paevey, Hallmark Channel A summer romance is the perfect watch for all your much-needed summer vibes.

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Paevey plays alongside When the heart calls you Star Erin Krakow as Richard and Samantha, who form an unexpected romance when Richard comes to town one summer to buy his family’s ranch. Horseback riding, carnival games, and a romantic Ferris wheel ride all lead to the couple’s summertime romance in this Hallmark Channel hit of 2019.

‘Teen Beach Movie’

If DCOM supercouple Troy and Gabriella rule high school, then supercouple Mack and Brady rule the beach in the 2015 summer musical Teen beach movie. Directed by Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell, this whole movie takes place on a beach full of songs and dances.

When a surfer couple don’t want summer to end, their wish is granted when a magical surfboard launches them into their favorite 1950s summer musical. Forced to act like they belong, the two end up by inadvertently changing the course of the film and risking their chances of returning to the real world.

“Call me by your name”

call me by your name
Picture via Sony Pictures Classics

call me by your name proves that a queer romance is even better when it’s chilly for summer. Featuring Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer, this 2017 book-movie adaptation takes place during a summer full of unexpected love and loss.

During teenage Elio’s summer vacation, he meets his father’s handsome new intern, Oliver, quickly befriends him, and embarks on a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance when the going gets tough. warm up in between during the summer, only to evaporate during the winters to come.

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